Worldwide Instameet 13 Nepal Successfully Conducted

On 23rd April, Saturday; Worldwide Instameet 13 Nepal was successfully conducted with a theme “NATURE” at Godawari Botanical Garden which was hosted by Instragrammers Nepal aka IgersNepal

Being an active user of Instagram app, I personally want to experience the meetup. Hence, I headed to meetup venue and got to know some instagrammers. And, then I met with Ms. Tripty Tamang Pakhrin, organizer of Worldwide Instameet 13 Nepal. She is pursuing her study at Kathmandu College of Management (KCM), Gwarko, Lalitpur.

Ms. Tripty Tamang Pakhrin, giving brief info about Worldwide Instameet 13 Nepal.
Ms. Tripty Tamang Pakhrin, giving brief info about Worldwide Instameet 13 Nepal.

BlogorTech, got an opportunity to interview with her with an objective to know about meetup and importance of Instagram for business. So, let’s get started.

Q. Define Instagram.

A. For me, personally, Instagram has been a platform to create, share and collaborate with like-minded people. It  has given such a great opportunity to all kinds of creatives to share their work and at the same time, build a strong community of instagramers.

Q. How does it feel to be an organizer of Instameet?

A. Organizing Instameets has made me appreciate this community even more. To be able to bring people together who know each other virtually and seeing them actually grow into good friends is surely an amazing feeling.

Q. Can you share the journey of IgersNepal and Instameet to the viewers of BlogorTech?

A. We hosted our first instameet on January 2015. Since that one, we have had three more meets. So far, it has been an amazing ride with fellow instagramers from Nepal and beyond. We have also collaborated with some creative Nepali companies like Bhav Products, Deli Akuj, Accessories Nepal and Pentax Nepal.

Q. What is the main objective behind organizing the meetup?

A. To bring people together to connect, explore, and celebrate their creativity.

Q. What’s your views on Instagram for Business? Like; User Engagement and Business Value compared to other social media; Facebook and Twitter etc.

A. From what I have observed, Instagram’s highly engaged community and simple yet creative content let business inspire their customers. Unlike any other social media, advertising on Instagram has power to move people. No wonder all the big names are active on Instagram. It’s high time Nepali business understand this and use Instagram creatively rather than just to sell their products.

Q. What can we expect from IgersNepal in upcoming days?

A. We plan to organize more meetup to bring instagramers together and also connect them with new age businesses. We are also looking forward to collaborate with more Nepali companies and help each other grow.

Q. Your message to the newbie instagrammers.

A. Stay creative and Keep it simple.

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