WordCamp Nepal 2014

WordCamp 2014
WordCamp 2014

I love WordPress. Not because it is open source. But, because of its features and easy to make your ideas live through blogging and much more. Many popular websites are using WordPress as Content Management System (CMS). Such as; CNN , eBay etc.

Basically, WordCamp is a community -based conference where different WordPress enthusiasts come and meet. Not only this, they share about their work with their attendees. In this meet, developers, bloggers, wordpress enthusiasts basically network with like minded folks. To continue the tradition of WordCamp. Nepal is also organizing one day WordCamp which is going to be held at one of the ancient city at Lalilpur.

Here is the INFOGRAPHIC about WordCamp which is designed by wpbegineer.com

WordCamp Infographics by wpbegineer.com
WordCamp Infographics by wpbegineer.com

So, if you are wondering where to get the information about WordCamp Nepal 2014. Then, Click this link

I will be sharing more after I attend the event on November 22, 2014. Cheers! Guys.

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