Why Inbound Marketing? [INFOGRAPHIC]

I want to flash back my memory to April 16, 2014 and want to take you to my roller coaster Facebook post; where I questioned about present career perspective of blogging to Mr. Guy Kawasaki? I think I don’t have to say much more about him. But, if you literally don’t know about him then CLICK HERE!

This particular day was most cherishable day of my life. On that day, there were Live Q/A sessions with Guy Kawasaki. So, I thought why don’t I ask a question to most reputed personality who was the former chief evangelist of Apple. Finally, thinking for like 5-10 minutes. I asked this following question to him. After I post my question, I was shocked by his quick response. OMG! Seriously, GUY KAWASAKI replied to my question with great answer.


The word that trigger or strike on my mind was “CONTENT MARKETING”. Yeah! Content marketing is an emerging concept in the marketing arena. After 8 months, I tried to find out what is the relationship between content marketing in Inbound marketing? Is it interrelated or independent? In Today’s dynamic world, each and every organization’s goal is to achieve their specific goal by mobilizing the current resources efficiently and effectively. But, the BIG question is HOW?

This problem can be solved with the help of Inbound marketing. Inbound marketing advocates on consumer needs such as set of questions that a consumer wants to ask about a particular product of ABC Co. through Internet. The Internet is changing how we are dealing with customers? Or simply a traditional marketing strategy (Outbound Marketing) is in the stage of phase out. So, Inbound Marketing can be BUZZ word in marketing.

I believe that pictures speak a lot than a boring word. Hence, without further delay. Let’s look the following INFOGRAPHICS which was designed by Voltier Digitaland try to distinguish between Inbound Marketing and Outbound Marketing.

Infographic courtesy: Voltier Digital
Infographic courtesy: Voltier Digital

In conclusion, Consumers are god to any organization. Without them an organization cannot survive. So, with the help of Inbound Marketing; an organization can track or keep records of consumers’ Choice of products, needs or requirements and drafting particular policy, according to their needs and many more.

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