2nd Virtual Reality Developers’ Meetup Successfully Held

2nd Virtual Reality Developers’ Meetup was held on Saturday, 25th July 2016 at Pulchowk, Robotics Association of Nepal ‘s Office. The event was organized by Virtual Reality (VR) Developers Community Nepal along with Robotics Association Nepal (RAN) and Google Developers Group (GDG) Kathmandu.

In total 40 participants attended in the event and among them 70% were Developers, 10% were Designers and 20% were Musicians, Businessmen, Animators and Photographers. The event started with a video showing experiences of people testing VR games for the first time.

Speakers for the event were:

  • Mr. Bobby Basnet, Co-founder at Semantic Creation, welcomed the participants with a keynote speech. He talked about the VR Technologies, its history and how its current scenario is, both globally and locally. In addition to, he also launched a website http://www.virtualrealitynepal.com, a portal for VR related news, tutorials and blogs. This is an open platform where Nepali VR developers and enthusiasts can share their knowledge and information.
  • Mr. Sajesh Khadgi, Co-founder at Semantic Creation, were he presented about VR trends. He also shed some lights on possible fields in the development of VR applications and building User Interface (UI) for VR apps to provide better User Experience (UX).
  • Mr. Saurav Bajracharya, Co-founder at Semantic Creation, gave a demo on a VR game called Fire-Fighter and instructed the participants on how to develop the game as part of first Google VR app using Unity software.

The meet up ended with a video on Google Day Dream. The participants and speakers had an interaction program over tea and snacks.

Participants experiencing the VR headset in an event.

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