Toyanath Patro – Nepali Calendar [APP REVIEW]

Image source: Google Play Store
Image source: Google Play Store

Toyanath Patro – Nepali Calendar, is an android app which delivers the authentic information about traditional Nepali culture in chronological order. It’s hard copy was available since 125 years ago and has stamped significant cultural hallmark. Now, with the needs of an end-user, it’s also available in Google Play Store.

Gurkha Technology, develop this app and gave their best effort to make digital look to this traditional calendar which is written in SanskritI have attached a short video on the history of Sanskrit Language.

Now, let’s review it.

1. User Interface: 

It has clean and user friendly layout, which deserves 4 stars.

2. Features:3.5-stars

With its initial release, it provides various features. Some are:

  • Nepali Calendar
  • Monthly and Yearly Horoscope
  • Data Converter
  • Dream Interpretation
  • Mantra for various auspicious occasions

According to Developers, its widget will be available from Baisakh 1st, 2072 i.e. Nepali New Year.

3. Content: 3.5-stars

Analyzing this app from a content perspective, developers may have added more depth information for each day such as: घडी, पला etc.

tl;dr (Too Long; Didn’t Read) : It’s a worth try app. If you liked it then don’t forget to download it and share with your friends. And, yes, do comment it stating about your experience on using this app. CHEERS!

– Download Toyanath Patro – Nepali Calendar from Google Play Store