7 Nepali Android Apps that Entered to One Million Downloads Club

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In Nepal, smartphone penetration rate is increasing day by day. And, so Nepali android apps. Though, we don’t have exact data of Nepali android apps which are uploaded daily in Google Play Store. But, one thing is sure that, there are quality apps (both in terms of User Interface and User Experience) which are dedicated in satisfying user need and setting a new milestone in Nepali app ecosystem.

So, let me introduce, those seven Nepali android apps, which has crossed one million downloads in Google Play Store.

Hamro Patro


Hamro Patro, has remarkable brand name in Nepali app ecosystem. Focusing on productivity categories, this app has almost all features needed for Nepali app users. Features like; Nepali Calendar, News, Forex, and lots more. Also, don’t miss out to check top 5 awesome features of Hamro Patro app Recently, Hamro Patro Launched separate news mining engine named “Nepali News Mining Engine”.

Hamro Nepali Keyboard

Hamro Nepali Keyboard

Hamro Nepali keyboard is a great app for Nepali Language lover. With this app, you can type in Nepali directly to any app. It supports three keyboard layouts, Unicode Transliteration, MPP based Romanized layout, and traditional layout. In addition to, Emoji and Numeric Keypad are also supported.

Nepali Dictionary


First offline dictionary for Nepali to English language and vice-versa. Features such as; Inbuilt games, word of the day, spoken word pronunciation and others will blow your mind.

Nepali Patro


As the app name itself defines, it is a Nepali Calendar (Date, Event and Festival) , which has a clean and attractive user interface. Other feature such as; Adding particular date to Google Calendar, Horoscope, Forex and lots more.

Nepal Loadshedding Schedule


This app provides smarter way to view and track daily load-shedding schedule in Nepal. Setting your loadshedding Group, viewing the schedule along with Power On/Off status, remaining Countdown time, and the Notification regarding the upcoming power cut are features of this app.

Passport ID Photo Maker Studio


It is a photo editing app which helps to create photos for official ID, Passport, VISA and License of all countries of the world. Premium features like; background removal, photography tips, etc. are available for in-app-purchase. With this app, it’s now easier to edit the photo instantly. Mr. NJ Subedi and Mr. Rahul Subedi, developed this app early in 2014. Since, then it has gain its user base and reach out to Global users.

AndroMouse – Remote Mouse and Keyboard


It lets you convert your smart phone into wireless mouse, keyboard, and more. You can connect either using your existing wi-fi or using Bluetooth. It also supports speech-to-type feature so you can type using your voice. Isn’t that cool?  Mouse Features such as; Tap click, Double tap to double click, Scroll with your two fingers, Pinch zoom, Scroll bar, Easy dragging, Right click, Left handed mode. And, Keyboard features such as: Standard keyboard, Function and special keys, Ability to hold alt, ctrl, and shift for combination keys are also available. This app has been developed by Mr. Suraj Bhattarai.

In conclusion, creating this type of milestone and reaching out to the wider audience are the best achievement that every apps developer dream of. And, that is only possible with passion and dedication towards satisfying the user requirements for that particular app. That day will not be longer, where we will be seeing other Nepali apps entering in One Million Downloads Club in Google Play Store.

Now, would like to leave this post to you and do let us know if we have missed other Nepali apps which have crossed One Million Downloads. For that, comment box is just right below. CHEERS!