Top 3 Nepali earthquake alert apps [APP LIST]

I would like to announce top three latest Nepali Earthquake alert apps on the basis of google rating and user reviews. Here goes the list with its short description.

1. Earthquake Nepal


The pivot features of this app is push-notification. It gives the earthquake and aftershock data instantly without opening an app. Let’s get started with its other great features.

  • Tips for being safe from Earthquakes
  • Emergency contact addresses of Nepal Police and Hospitals
  • Donate information for the PM Relief fund, Nepal
  • Stats on the damages brought by the earthquake and others.


2. Nepal Earthquake 2015

Nepal Earthquake 2015

This app is one compact package for many informative things which aim for satisfying basic necessities such as: Hospital, Police, Water, Volunteers, Donate, Missing and others.


3. Nepal Earthquake Updates

Nepal Earthquake Update

This app provide recent earthquake information with local Magnitude of Earthquake in Richter Scale, Epicenter location and local occurred time . I would say it’s really simple app which incorporate the data from Department of Mines and Geology. Its major drawback is not providing push notification features. Other issues such as; Connection time out problem.


If you think there are other similar apps which must be included in the above list. Then, I will be waiting for your comment with an application name. Till then Stay safe and be updated with an earthquake official information from above three apps. And, Yes! Don’t forget to share it with your friend circles. CHEERS!