An App to Get an Easy Ride Anywhere Inside the Kathmandu Valley – Tootle App

What would you do when you find the overcrowded public vehicle while you are heading to office or home ? And, when you call your friend for the ride but he/she said can’t pick you up? Then, no worries. Just keep reading.

Let me go this way. What would be your reaction when I say that there is an app where you can find the ride instantly. Yes! recently launched app; Tootle will now let you to get an easy ride anywhere inside the Kathmandu valley. Basically, what it does is, matching the bikers who are on the same way that you are heading to.

Steps to Register with Tootle

Signing up in Tootle is quite easy. Following video will assist you in creating account in Tootle. Also, fow now, the Tootle team are providing free Rs.500 bonus. Don’t forget to grab it.

How Safety is Tootle?
  • Safety SMS: After the booking is accepted. An automatic SMS where the information of the person you are going to make a ride with and the route you are going to is generated. You can send the information to your closed one before you make a ride or as you make a ride incase you feel insecure.
  • Choose Preferred Gender: For clients, before confirming the booking, you have an option to choose the preferred gender. For drivers, before accepting the booking you know the gender of the person who made the booking. So, it’s your call on choosing a ride with the gender you are comfortable with.
  • Rating Option: After the ride is completed. Both Clients and Partners, can rate the riding information, where this information are handled by Tootle admin with great confidentiality. A person who constantly has a bad rating will be red flagged. Tootle will take some actions on dealing with the red flagged driver or clients.
Become a Tootle Partner and Earn Extra Income:

If you own a bike or a scooter, you can signup as a Tootle partner and make extra income by giving rides. Watch the video to know more. To download the Tootle Partner App – CLICK HERE! 

Payment Method:

There are two ways where you can make payment for your ride. One way is to pay in CASH to the driver, as the ride is complete and the other way is to use TOOTLE BALANCE to pay for the ride. However, the balance should have enough money else the booking won’t be allowed.

For now, as soon as the client signs up with Tootle, they are providing with a free ride of Rs 500 as a bonus. After the amount is finished, you will have to topup Tootle Balance via esewa or pay in cash.

Talking with BlogorTech, Mr. Sixit Bhatta, Co-founder at Tootle, ” We are in the learning process. Idea of Tootle is something new and one of the things that we would like to share is that we want to promote the idea that drivers are not drivers and passengers are not passengers. They are people like you who would interchange roles. Sometimes you take a ride, sometimes you give a ride and therefore, we want to make a fun things and of course promote dignity in labour where people with bikes could work leisurely to make income that can pay for their fuel, mobile bills etc which otherwise they are asking with their parents. We look forward to support from people to promote our cause, the idea of helping people reach their destinations.”


Going a ride with complete stranger is quite a hard decision that you have to make while using Tootle service. Though, this kind of riding service is new in our country. It need some time to cope up with and Tootle team have to think about the unforeseen social circumstances that may arise in upcoming days. It’s all up to you to use the Tootle service or not.

With that saying let me share my experience where I used the Tootle service for whole one day only for this post, the main thing that both client and partner must have is TRUST. Trust while booking a ride with stranger. Trust while you are riding with stranger and Trust while your ride is complete (not being cheated). To be honest, I found all the three riders of Tootle; Punctual, Loyal and Discipline. Let’s support the tootle team for providing this kind of premium riding services to Nepalese.


When I was about to take a second ride, the app crashes and have to sign-up again for booking next ride. Hope this bugs get fixed in next update.

Share us your Tootling experience in comments below. Happy Tootling! Cheers!

Download – Tootle App for Android 

Download – Tootle Partner App for Android