SEO in 2017 – Quick Tips and Tools to Boost

seo in 2017

You must be focusing on your business goals to enhance your brand visibility. Right??

It’s time to evaluate your SEO approach and examine the ideal way to get better this year. This is a truly ideal way to get better SEO visibility to enhance authority, value, and rankings.

I have a new year resolution to take my SEO venture smoothly and work for the goodwill of the business. If you have similar resolution, then you can follow the quick tips which I will be mentioning in this article. This will surely come handy while you work to improve the website ranking.

So, here are the quick tips that helps to boost your SEO in 2017:


After the name, it is essential to develop content that is favoured by the readers. It’s not only developing a quality content but also understanding your customer and updating the content that is useful and has more probabilities to rank higher in the search engine result page. Better research on the topic and elaborate the content that makes your audiences happy.


  • Evaluate your present content and discover the most popular topics
  • Study and research about your audiences and discover the queries you are expected to answer
  • Get the ideal way to use the content that will make you shine in front of your competitors
  • Do not hide and stay backward to expand your niche area, as your customers may be looking for your business.

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User experience is an important part of SEO, it can make or break your website. If you plan for a better user experience, then you can get better ranking with maximum website traffic and conversions. Better focus on developing browser-friendly websites. Do not let bounce rate ruin your site. Make sure your website works well on any browser that your users use to explore online.


  • Examine the link of website and fix the broken links to reduce the error pages or copied content
  • Provide informative and readable content that favours both readers and search engine.
  • Navigation design lets users explore the page without any difficulty. Starting from menu arrangement to the structure of link and web page design, if not done properly then that may affect your complete website and design
  • Website speed is important, make sure you test it repeatedly. Avoid using heavy images and unwanted scripts as they are the main reason that makes your website slow

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You must be aware of the phrase “Content is King”. It is main components that adds value to your website. It speaks your business online. If you do not update your website with appealing content, then your users will not choose your business for their venture rather they pick the company they find useful. Also, it is useless to spend time on optimization if you do not have pleasing content for your users.


  • Come up with new concept to expand your content strategy, invest in evergreen and durable content
  • Provide the appealing content that will drag your visitors towards your website
  • Research on the keywords, status of website, analyze the topic engagement and understand what your users wants from your website

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Without a doubt, visual content is the major part of effective SEO campaign. It arranges the text in the best possible way that helps you to take the progressive movement. Most of us may be unaware of using visual content which needs to be optimized for search engine. It does not take much time to improve the SEO through Visual Content optimization.


  • Use the titles carefully
  • Do not forget to include alt text, meta-data and keywords
  • Be careful about the file size
  • Build a video transcript to make your content available in search engine
  • Research and get the idea of hosting the video to your own website. Do not only rely on YouTube.
  • Share your video content among your connection

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Your online presence steps ahead than your website. The main difficulty is most of us are not familiar how out online footprint spread to all the platforms. It is ideal to examine the new platform to endorse your presence nut ensure you update them regularly.


  • Analyze new platform to promote your presence
  • Build spreadsheet to monitor your online presence and check out the updated information once a month

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These are some tips and tools to boost your SEO in 2017. Find the effective ways that come to help improve SEO visibility and authority to add more value as well as ranking.

Author Bio:

Sujata is SEO Copywriter at SEO Service Nepal (Creative SEO Nepal). She loves to shed knowledge about tech blogging in digital marketing and website development niche that she believes has given her so much. Apart from writing, she also loves cooking and exploring new places.