Team Ignite Grabs the 1st Prize in HackClash Nepal 2016 – Top 9 List of Ideas

HackClash Nepal 2016, kicks off, after a final demo day and prize distribution. The presentation of each participant was targeted to start at 1pm but due to the late entry of participants. It starts a bit late. But, I would say, it was worth waiting when I observed the presentation throughout the event.

Now, without much further ado. Let’s get started with final 9 teams out of 500 plus applicants.


Team Eclipse: 

Idea: Sound Responsive Graphic Technology

This team introduces a new technique where the picture is created with the help of sound and you can make those pictures as wallpaper. Also, you can filter the image that you have snapped.


Team Ignite: [ 1st Position ]

Idea: Solving the Stammering problem with an app

Stammering is a speech disorder where the patients can’t deliver their message in a same flow. So, this team came up with an idea to solve that problem in some extent with a stammering app. What this app does is that, it basically records the voice of patients and analyze those recordings.

This app main objective is to first identify the problem, take practical lessons, follow up the advices, read the facts, stick up with lessons learnt, and lastly solve the stammering problem.


Team Ulitmate Solutions

Idea:, is one stop solution for purchasing the grocery products like; vegetables, fruits and others straight from the farmers at very cheap price.

Cheap in the sense that there won’t by any third agent who is in between farmers and consumers, which decrease the price of each grocery item. First, they are going with B2B model, where their target consumers are: Hotel, Catering and Canteen. Next, they will open a separate store in crowded areas and start to give their service directly, to consumers.


Team Quad-Code:

Idea: Platform where you will find a collection of Games

Game Junction, was different than other team, they want to contribute to Entertainment industry where they presented a collection of games at one platform which you can find it in Windows Store. They have promised that they will make that same game in android platform too.


Team Protocol: 

Idea: Submiting a college application online, main objective of this platform is to connect colleges with students and reduce the time consumption of students.


Team eBigyapan: [ 2nd Position ]  

Idea: Contextual Advertising for Nepali Content – Nepali AdSense

This team has promising idea, where they developed a system, in which the Nepali content writers can get a huge benefit by placing an contextual ads. It means that, advertisement is displayed according to your content. For instance, if your post is related to shoes, then using eBigyapan platform, you will get targeted advertisement specific to shoes. They also grab the Best Presentation category.


Team Duolo

Idea: Easy Top-up using OCR Technology

With this product, you don’t need to remember the 16-Digit long code. Now, you just have to take a picture of a recharge card and it will automatically find out the 16-Digit code. Then, you need to tap on the call button and will recharge. It’s that simple.


Team KaaiKaas: [ 3rd Position ]

Idea: Weaver/water level controller

This team demonstrates a live product, named Wever, which basically shows water level of your water tank and control it through an app. For that, you have to pay Rs.10,000, includes Hardware and App access. You can find the team at Facebook.


Team KoolKornerKids:

Idea: App Testing using Web Scraping and Data Mining

This team developed a system named Applytics, which is primarily concerned with testing an app and also classified the user reviews in positive, negative and spam with the help from web scraping and data mining algorithm. Find the project in GitHub

Say hello to the organizers.


This type of event will surely bring like minded people together and practical methodology to work as a team. Hope it gets continues in the coming days too.