Startup TechTalk with Mr.Bobby Basnet [EXCLUSIVE]

In Nepal, the exact number of apps published and total number of developers are not known. Though, we have strong android developer community. It’s time to show that YES! We are capable of developing quality apps. Developers are giving their best in terms of quality app.

Let me give an example of quality app; Don’t know which place to fill your tummy? Yellow App will show you the best restaurant in town, Want to know the nearest ATM hub? nLocate will help you and lot’s more. Another strong evidence in terms of development of quality apps is Hamro Patro app which broke the download record. You will not believe me. Recently, Hamro Patro app has entered into 1 Million Download Club

So, let me get straight to the point. AppKosh is an app which provides a feature of searching those quality Nepali android apps. You will find many different apps in different categories such as Entertainment, Finance, Productivity, Lifestyle and others.

BlogorTech got the opportunity to interview with Mr. Bobby Basnet, co-founder of Semantic Creation Pvt. Ltd. The dedicated team behind the development of AppKosh. So, without much further delay. Let’s get started.

1. What is AppKosh?
AppKosh is a free complete directory of Nepali apps.

2. What drives you to develop this app?

We felt like there needs to be a platform for more exposure of Nepali Apps and Nepali developers. There are so many Nepali apps that could be so relevant to many Nepali users, but would never know that it even existed. We wanted to make all Nepali apps visible and also make the experience a fun one.

3. How can a user be benefited from this app?

Both domestic and international Nepali users could find so many apps that are useful in their daily lives. Users can view the monthly Top 9 Apps list that we publish, top downloaded and rated apps. We have a fun feature, Today’s most viewed apps and most recently viewed apps. This allows users to explore new apps every time they open AppKosh.

Also, developers can use this platform to promote their app and to research when developing a new app.

4. How can a developer or cofounder can register their app?

On the Android app, inside the menu, we have Submit App option. It allows user to submit an app package name. Or one could submit their app information from our website at

5. Have you incorporated any analytical system for evaluating the data of particular registered apps in AppKosh?

Yes, we have been recording the total hits of each app on a daily basis. Once we have a considerable amount of data we will start analyzing and evaluating them. We are sure to find some interesting findings out of it and we will be publishing these facts and reports time to time in our blog. So stay tuned at

6. What will be the next step or a future plan?

Our next step is to list Nepali iOS and Windows apps in AppKosh. We are also focusing on more ways to promote the very talented and strong developer community we have here in Nepal.

7. How many apps a user can find at AppKosh?

Currently we have 500 plus Nepali apps listed. We have been receiving so many app submissions the number just keeps increasing. It is so encouraging to see the support we have been receiving.

8. What will be your message to the young android developers out there?

Be careful about what kind of apps you publish. Users don’t need just yet another app in the play store, there are many. Users want a quality app and app experience. Do your research well, don’t just make a duplicate app. Try to make something that is not already out there or give a better experience to the users. Focus a lot on User Interface and User Experience design.

9. Is mobile app development a next future? If No, Why?

No, I think mobile app development has already become the present. Smartphones have changed the definition of Personal Computing experience. Nothing feels more personal than your mobile gadgets and hence it makes a strong market and opens up only more and more opportunities for developers to explore and give users a more personalized experience.

10. Is there any feedback you want to give us for the improvement?

To No, none. Blogortech has been doing such a great job. I hope you guys keep making it better.


Startup TechTalk is a newly introduced column in BlogorTech, the main objective of this column is to motivate and provide in-depth information about different startups to young aspiring entrepreneurs. We will be inviting different entrepreneurs from different sector to contribute in this section and will keep you posted. CHEERS!