Sparrow SMS selected as one of the 9 Global Finalists for GBG Stories Contest 2016 – VOTE NOW !

During last year’s devastating earthquake, Sparrow SMS team came up with communication system or online app portal through which people could offer and ask for help via SMS. And that received SMS were mapped in Google Map. With this mapped informations, volunteers could dispatch relief distribution programs accordingly.

By creating effective communication tool in time of crisis. Sparrow SMS is selected as one of the nine global finalists for Google Business Group (GBG) Stories contest 2016.

Sharing the untold story of Mr. Arvind Shah, founder of Sparrow SMS. Amit Agrawal writes in facebook:

Watch this video of Sparrow SMS made by Google.

Voting will be closed on 23rd March, 2017. Hence, do vote now. For that CLICK HERE!