Sparrow SMS Nepal – The All in One App [APP REVIEW]

The Sparrow SMS Android app is all about simplification and providing commonly used services from a single platform. It is a product of Janaki Technology Pvt. Ltd, which is a Value Added Service (VAS) company and initiated with a tag-line ‘Power of Text’ to provide SMS services to the general public as well as business enterprises.

In many parts of Nepal , people have smart phones but little or no internet. They do not have quick and easy access to daily info. We aim to bridge that digital divide. It is one of its kind app that can work offline fully. Once downloaded , internet is not compulsory, it works using Sparrow SMS services says Amit Agrawal, CEO of Janaki Technology Pvt. Ltd.


User Interface / User Experience (UI/UX) star-four-11-jpg

The UI is clean and easy to use. Everything is incorporated in just one screen which does not look cluttered at all. Simply, it relates to the motto of the app to serve the purpose of providing information within a few taps.

Now, the important question that every end-user ask is how does the app operate? SMS? Data? In it’s new update, the app operates both on Data / Wi-Fi and SMS! It’s about simplifying end user experience. The app automatically detects your connection and sets Data/Wi-Fi as the default configuration. If you are connected, then you will receive the service instantly. Else, it request your service via SMS after you grant a permission.

Features star-four-11-jpg

  • All-in-one: It provides various services such as Exam Results, Load-shedding Schedule, Government Services, Recharge, Entertainment, Jokes, Utilities, Daily Prices and News.
  • No need to remember SMS formats: Lot of people find difficulty in understanding and remembering sms formats. But, with this app, users need not remember any sms formats which eliminates ‘garbage in’ problem.
  • Less Updates: The app’s engine makes it require less updates for delivering the content. When new services is added, the app can be easily accessed. Also, the app notifies users about new services in its banner image without having to update the app. It understands so when user is connected to the internet.


If you are experiencing some issue or have some feedback, then you can simply comment it. We will accumulate your issue or feedback directly to the developer. CHEERS!