The New Version of Shuvayatra App, Your Safe Migration and Personal Finance Guide, is Out!


Are you thinking of going abroad and are struggling to find information about the process? Do you have family members or friends who have gone abroad and you want to help them? Or are you currently abroad and want to know what opportunities there are to come back to Nepal? If you are seeking an answer to the above questions then, let me introduce Shuvayatra app.

Shuvayatra, is a mobile application for Nepali migrant workers providing safe migration and financial information and tools. The new version of Shuvayatra contains daily updated migration and financial news and content articles, audio/podcasts and videos that help you make the decision to go abroad or not, give you clear step by step information on the process of applying to go abroad and that gives you country specific information about the destination countries including Malaysia, Qatar, Saudi-Arabia, UAE and Kuwait as well as about opportunities in Nepal when you want to come back.  The app also features specific financial information to help you and your family members in Nepal to make smart financial decisions and avoid being cheated.

Following the launch of the beta version in 2016, the app has been further refined based on extensive user testing with Nepali migrant workers to address their specific needs and issues.

New Features

  • a web app version allowing users to use the app across devices.
  • a new user interface and user targeted content based on the different migration stages and current location of migrant workers
  • local radio podcasts from 15 local radio stations in 28 districts that allow you to listen to local news and programs
  • practical financial information, advice and tools to make sound financial decisions focusing on labour migrants and their families
  • a dedicated news section that enables you to stay updated on migration related changes in government rules and procedures, fees and fines
  • curated and high quality content and tools supporting Nepali migrants and their families with free and accurate information about the documents needed, the steps in the migration process and destination country information and other engaging content;
  • a comprehensive service directory with service information related to Nepali Embassies abroad, emergency services, migration-related organisations, service providers etc
  • smart search function allowing users to perform any kind of search
  • guest posts like poems, stories and advice from Nepali migrants currently living abroad or in Nepal
  • and even more features due to be released in the coming months!


Download the free app today on Google Play store for Android or visit for other devices. For more daily updates and useful information, CLICK HERE

Shuvayatra has been developed by The Asia Foundation with Nepali migrant workers and is managed together with a consortium of partners including Hamro Patro, Sharecast Initiative Nepal and Bikas Udhyami.