Shout-out to Nepali Game – Aayo Gorkhali [APP REVIEW]

Aayo Gorkhali, is a Nepali android game, which is more specialized in Nepali scenario by featuring the Nepali stuffs. Inside the game, you will find one guy, who wears Nepali Dhaka Topi and with glasses. The character moreover looks like a Nepali version angry bird. No offense though.

Before, reviewing this game, let me warn you. Don’t blame me, if you get addicted after playing this game for continuous time. So, it’s time to take you to the REVIEW journey.

Let’s get started.

User Interface / User Experience (UI/UX)

It’s UI gives a truly Nepali flavor with an elements like; background music, background image, traditional hat (Dhaka Topi) and all those remaining parts. Let me share my experiences while playing this game for two days. I like the background music, character is just Okay. But, if it’s possible, I would love to have a “Maicha Wo Baucha” or similar looking character in next update.



To enrich the existing features of this app. I would like to give some FEEDBACK, which are as follows:

  1. Change the character: For me, it doesn’t make a sense, to choose a bird character. Instead, you can make character which looks similar like Maicha wo Baucha. I know it’s complicated but if you can make this thing possible. Then, it will be even more an exciting game to be played.
  2. Change the music: I have already told in UI/UX section that you should select some other soothing Nepali music, which will be a valuable assets for entertaining the user.
  3. Exit option: When you press a back button for couple of time. It get exited. But, who knows that the user mistakenly pressed it. So, why not have an alert box, which let’s user to choose from an option, whether to exit from the app or not.

Usability star-four-11-jpg

Entertainment wise, this is by far the best Nepali game I have encountered so far. And, it’s a great game to kill your waiting time. I am pretty much sure that you will love this app. So, pick up your mobile and download this awesome game.


In the meantime, if you have any feedback or suggestions regarding this app, then send your feedback in this email address: