Share your humanity with Carpool Kathmandu App [REVIEW]

carpool_kathmandu_logo_512As we all knew that, necessity is the mother of invention. In the periphery of the fuel crisis, a couple of guys were brainstorming to solve the problem. Hence, they came up with a Carpooling idea a.k.a Carpool Kathmandu. It is about spreading kindness and providing a platform to match the fellow travelers. With such a huge social network, one can find a mutual friend to vet the potential fellow traveler, to minimize the risk as well.

Carpool Kathmandu, is an android application, which lets you #OFFER a lift if you have an empty seat in your vehicle or #ASK for one. Not only that, you can share your inspiring stories with hundreds of thousands users within the app. This app was designed and developed by Fawesome apps, the mobile apps development division of Yellow Nepal Pvt. Ltd.

Team behind the Carpool Kathmandu:

  • Manish Shrestha​, runs a small creative agency called Kazi Studios
  • Anish Shrestha​, is a cofounder and CEO at Yellow Nepal, Fawesome Apps
  • Sumana Shrestha​, is a management consultant by profession

Without much further ado. Let’s get started.

User Interface / User Experience (UI/UX): 4.5-star

Its UI is glorious and interactive. I love the color selection of this app. In the perspective of UX, it is self-introductory and user-centric. It means, developers have given extensive attention to users like YOU in the process of satisfying your requirements.

Features: star-four-11-jpg

  • OFFER: Got any empty seat at your vehicle? Then, this option is for you. You can share your kindness to people who are travelling to same direction.
  • ASK: Damn! I don’t have a vehicle or fuel to travel. If you are thinking something like this. Then, your wait is over. Simply, ask it to other people. But, I have to say this, don’t ever lose your hope when you can’t get lift at once.
  • STORIES: I know everyone has got some carpool stories to share. RIGHT? Your stories may play an important role in sharing the positive vibe with many other people. So, don’t hesitate to share your stories in your own words to the community.

Usability: star-four-11-jpg

Hats off to the Carpool Kathmandu Team for this innovative idea. I think, no one has thought that we will be having carpooling in Kathmandu. In somehow, this app helps to overcome the fuel crisis that we are facing these days.

In the meantime, if you have some feedback to improve this app or encountering some bugs, then don’t hesitate to mail the developer team at this address –

Happy Carpooling! CHEERS