Sajilo Recharge App: Just Scan and Recharge

Sajilo Recharge app, is a mobile application, which implements OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology, for scanning a recharge card PIN number of popular network provider in Nepal. With this app, you don’t need to type all those lengthy PIN number for recharge. What you have to do is just scan the recharge card after scratching and then app will automatically fetch the recharge PIN. Then, tap on Top-Up button. Voila! You have successfully recharged.

Here is the new intro video of Sajilo Recharge app:

Ishan Dongol, Computer Engineering Student at Kathmandu University (KU), has developed this utility app. On our question about an app idea. He said, “I had problems while recharging  like; PIN mistake. Specially, NTC Recharge card, you can’t recharge at once. You have to enter the same recharge PIN number many time. So, I thought, why don’t build simple app to make that process of recharge easier and smarter. Hence, I came up with Sajilo Recharge app.”


Currently, this app is in beta phase and other features are in pipeline. But, for now, there are following features that you may find it useful and it works offline:

  • Just scan the Recharge Card
  • NTC Pre-Paid & Post-Paid Recharge
  • Ncell Pre-Paid Recharge
  • Balance Inquiry
  • Customer Care

Definitely, Sajilo Recharge app is quite handy and makes your recharge process much smarter. It can be very useful to all age group of app users. Few suggestion for this app such as; App demo, NT ADSL Top-Up, Dish Home Recharge Card and other network provider recharge card. We can see great potential of this app if developer cope up with user demanded features in upcoming days.  Nevertheless, it’s a worth checking app.

DOWNLOAD this app. And, do let us know your suggestions for this app in the comment section. Will forward your valuable suggestions to the app developer instantly. CHEERS!