Read constitution of Nepal directly from your smartphone – Hamro Sambidhan [APP REVIEW]

On Ashoj 03, 2072, President of Nepal Dr. Ram Baran Yadav promulgated the new constitution of the Federal Republic of Nepal, which comprises 35 Parts and 9 Schedules.

Purchasing the hard-copy of the constitution is out-of-date when you can access it on your smartphone without paying any penny. Bidhee Pvt. Ltd. (is a company solely established for development and deployment of innovative products and services in the field of IT globally), has made this thing possible.

“We developed this app as a corporate social responsibility and to provide access of new constitution to general public directly in their mobile phone for free of cost” says Mr. Subash Sapkota, CEO at Bidhee Pvt. Ltd.

Without much further ado. Let’s get started.

User Interface / User Experience (UI/UX) star-four-11-jpg

Talking about its UI, it has clean and magnificent interface, where any types of user can easily operate this app. In context of UX, it’s self-introductory, first and foremost thing you got to do is choose your preferred language, and then you are ready to read the constitution. It is that simple.

Features: star-four-11-jpg

Convert your image with Nepali Flag
Convert your image with Nepali Flag


  • In recent updates, the developer team has added one cool feature, that is, convert your image with Nepali Flag
  • You can select your preferred language, i.e. Nepali or English to read the constitution

Usability: star-four-11-jpg

This app will be really informative with it’s rich content for all Nepali people and also helps to get updated with different subjects such as; citizenship, fundamental rights and duties, method of making the National Flag of Nepal and many others.


” There are different issues which must be amended according to the time, for the prosperity, peace and harmony of our nation Nepal. Hence, hope this app gets updated after our constitution get amended.  “


In case, if there are any issues that you are facing then you can email directly to the developer in this address: or for your convenience, drop your issue below in the comment box. CHEERS!