Play Nepali Traditional Board Game ‘Baghchal’ in 3D


Did you guys remember like people playing Baghchal on hand drawn board (Floor or wood) with small stone as Goats and big stone as Tigers ? Then, let me revitalize your memory. Baghchal, is a traditional Nepali board game with an asymmetric setup –  two players; one player controls four tigers and another player controls up to twenty goats. The tigers ‘Hunt’ the goats while the goats attempt to ‘Block’ the tigers’ movements.

Baghchal 3D, is a mobile gaming application with 3D graphics and challenging Artificial Intelligence (AI).

  • 3D interactive objects
  • Available moves guide
  • Easy to learn with simple controls
  • Addictive

In Baghchal 3D, we can’t see an online mode and bluetooth mode (Feedback) which is a must have features for board game nowadays. And, 30 seconds video advertisement is quite torture to app users. Developers should think about it and come up with better solution.

Let me know your views about Baghchal 3D game in comments below. Cheers!

Download – Baghchal 3D for Android