PICOVICO App Crosses 200K Users, Launches Premium Version

PICOVICO Inc. is an online service that converts your photos into videos. Picovico aims to bring video making within the comfort of every Internet user because people love to see and share videos but making one is still a demanding task. It got initial incubation from ‘The Morpheus Ventures’ in India and then got selected for startupchile.org program in 2012.

It has had a very promising journey over the past five years with more than 50,000 downloads on Android and reaching a milestone of 200,000+ users in web app and mobile app combined.

Picovico is currently available in 3 different languages (EnglishSpanish and Japanese). Picovico soon promises to extend their support to more countries. This app from Nepal dares to rank among the finest products in the industry such as Animoto and Magisto.

Why Picovico?

Making videos has been a tedious and expensive task, as loved as it might be. Picovico solves these problems and bring video making within the comfort of every internet user. It makes it convenient to create beautiful video from a set of photos, music and text. Making videos with Picovico is effortless and cost effective that helps you to deliver your message clearly – be it for professional or personal use.

Press Release DesignOnline photo and video industry is flourishing and Picovico is one of those interesting products that help create content. Photo-video domain has gained more popularity after tremendous success of Facebook’s Lookback and ThankYou videos. Facebook recently introduced a Video Autoplay feature on timeline and is planning to rollout the video profiles very soon. Mark Zuckerberg stated that Facebook will be all videos in 5 years. In such scenario, how do you justify your presence and business? You definitely cannot afford to overlook picovico

New Version Features

Picovico has launched a new Web App on October 7. It is highly cost effective compared to its competitors. The premium version of Picovico is available at just $6.25 per month with annual subscription or just for $9.49 per month. The premium version will offer exclusive features and functionalities for users to create better quality videos.

The much awaited premium version of Picovico brings in a lot of new features and abilities that include:

  • New and Fast GPU Based Video Rendering Engine that makes videos within seconds
  • 6 new clean and elite video themes
  • HD videos (up to 720p)
  • Simplified interface and additional photo import option from Google Photos (previously Facebook and Flickr only)
  • API for businesses to focus on mass photo-video production
  • Others such as: photo upload size upto 12 MB, 100 photos per video, 100 slides per video, Call to Action (CTA) button, etc.

Visit: web.picovico.com to create wonderful video slideshows from your photo.