PahileAhile – Providing Quality Digital Contents To Nepali Facebook Users

In current day of digital Era, social media has dominated most of the world’s population. Thus, we can say people are now actively engaged with various social media platforms through their mobile devices and laptops. We can see people looking at their computer or mobile screen most of their times. Which means, people now give attention to the things published over there.

We can already see lots of companies, business houses, brands, educational institutions are switching to digital media platforms where they can actually get connected to the user. So, the main challenge for them would be to get the user attention, user engagement and user response.

As every brand needs loyal customers with whom they can resonate, the core motive of PahileAhile is the same. We need loyal fans and followers, which we will be driving with help of quality content and context.

PahileAhile is a brand which will set benchmarks in Nepalese social media industry. We would be more focused on quality audience with the help of quality content. We want to be recognized as one of the best social media brands in Nepalese market.


It was just a normal day talk between Shyam and me. We were chatting about how things used to be on past. And suddenly an idea struck about creating a social media page which will make people feel nostalgic about their childhood memories. The very Next Day, Shyam created a page and we started posting the contents.

PahileAhile Team
PahileAhile Team : Left to Right – Mr. Youman Maharajn and Mr. Shyam Shahu Shrestha

PahileAhile team currently includes two members; myself and Shyam. I met Shyam in a social media group. I am enrolled in managing the content, planning a marketing strategy and at the same time creating the  brand awareness. Basically, I am more of an inbound marketing manager for the page. Talking about Shyam, who is a skilled and passionate Graphic designer and creates impressive design for PahileAhile. He was the one who actually thought of creating the page to share the past memories, we later discussed and groomed the idea a bit more.

Different Flavor

It is very much different from existing Nepali Facebook pages. It is one of a kind and touches you with the different level of emotion by making you feel nostalgic about your childhood. We are not like any of the troll pages, our niche is different from theirs and most importantly our audience is totally different. We have mostly targeted the people who were born in of 90’s and 80’s. We have targeted them as our niche because they are the most technically forward people who are aware about past. They are also the most active group on Social media and If my guess is right they would probably be an active working citizen at this very time.

Brand & Content Strategy


The most focused part and one of the unique feature of PahileAhile would be its brand image. If you check our page you will find that there is maximum use of Yellow color. All the fonts and posts have consistency, meaning if somebody sees our post anywhere else, they will recognize where it actually belongs. We have tried to use more of a friendly tone to communicate with the audience.

We are trying to push around 3 to 4 contents per day as people are more excited and demanding for more posts. We have currently been active on Facebook as PahileAhile, on Twitter as Pahile_Ahile and on Instagram as PahileAhile_Official. These are the three social media platforms we are focusing as we can find our niche market over there.



The basic motive of this kind of page would be to show an example, how interactive a social media platform can be. How it can draw attention of the people and make them interested in your product. We just want to show an example that even Nepalese youths are excelling in giving quality digital contents over the web. It’s all about the level of skills that the youths of Nepal possess in terms of content marketing, and generating brand awareness. We are here show a good example of interacting with customers on psychological level and not just distributing the content.

Challenges Faced

The most challenging part is to produce new quality content. You will have to literally sit and brainstorm for long time before you even start to design. Another challenge would be to bring quality traffic throughout the platforms. We just don’t want followers; we want loyal fan followers who belong to our niche. Another challenge would be to protect the content. As we know the digital laws are not that strict here, people easily copy your digital products and reproduce them. Recently we got mimicked by some random page creator who used all our contents but later the issue was solved.


It’s just been few days and we are already getting positive messages in our inbox. Audiences are saying that they like our content and they want more posts from us. Which is quite motivating to hear. Lots of people from and outside the friend circles are sharing the page without even requesting to them. The page is actually generating 900 organic fans in just 5 days, which is pretty fast and it is still rapidly growing.

Message to the viewers

If you like our work then LIKE us, if you don’t we won’t push you.

Guest Author


Youman Maharjan, is currently pursuing MBA from Kings college, Babarmahal. He have been working in the field of Digital marketing for past 3 years. And, Currently He work as Digital media data analyst at Agile IT solutions.