Oshika – Personalized News App [APP REVIEW]

Oshika, an android application, which gives you a power to personalize the news repositories by selecting among different categories i.e. News, Technology, Gadgets, Sports, Business, Finance and Photography. Without much further delay, let’s review it.


1. User Experience / User Interface (UI/UX): three-stars_0

UI is materialistic with Floating Action Button (FAB) or what Google says is Material Design whereas in perspective of UX; you can choose some of the preinstalled theme. Also, you can swipe to move between various articles easily.

I would like to give some feedback on UX, when user tap on navigation drawer, there are list of news sources. Right? So, what I would like to see or will be more user friendly if you add the news list according to different category. For instance; TechCrunch, Mashable, The Verge and others are categorized in Technology same like in FAB.


Oshika, is simply a RSS feed app, which has an extra features for news reading experience like; customizing the background, font size and padding.

2. Features: three-stars_0

The promising features that I found was better news reading experience. User themselves can customize the font size, background and others. Another is offline reading; you can save your favorite articles offline and read it later.

3. Speed: 2-star

I found that it lags in terms of speed, while fetching the news from various sources. Hope it will be fixed in next update.


Nevertheless, Oshika is truly an ocean of news. You should give it a try and provide your valuable comments or suggestion below for further improvement. I will personally forward your comment to the developer team. Happy News Reading! CHEERS!