Oho Bazaar [APP REVIEW]

Oho Bazaar! is completely new taste for both B2C and C2C e-commerce sectors. Business to Consumer (B2C) sector can utilize this app as a platform to share their product through posting an advertisement free of cost. Not only this, particular business can track the needs or requirements of an end-user through real-time analytics and much more.

Whereas, Consumer to Consumer (C2C) sector can implement this app as a platform to sell their second hand products as well as consumer can buy the product at an affordable price. (Finger-cross)

Today, I will be reviewing the important features of this app. So, without further delay. Let’s get it down.

1. User Interface (UI)

Oho Bazaar ! - UI
Oho Bazaar ! – UI

The UI has been decorated with latest drawer that is lollipop. It has a clean and materialistic layout.

2. Sorting the products:

Oho Bazaar ! Sorting features
Oho Bazaar ! Sorting features

You have three options to sort the products. It makes your searching faster and convenient.

3. Filter the price range:

Oho Bazaar ! - Filering price range
Oho Bazaar ! – Filter the price range

Searching the products in Oho Bazaar app makes even quicker and easier with this feature.

4. Post an AD:

Oho Bazaar ! Post an Ad
Oho Bazaar ! Post an Ad

You can also post your customize ad. So, that you can sell your product instantly.

To do that, follow these steps:

  1. Open the drawer
  2. Click on Post New Ad.

Fill your product information and Tadaa! You are ready to sell the product. Isn’t that awesome?


If I missed out to list some important features, then you guys are welcome to comment below. Oh Yes! Don’t forget to share with your friends about this cool app. Keep Loving my blog. CHEERS!