Official Loot 2 Game ‘Haku Run’ Launched, Download & Play


Just finished watching the trailer of Most Awaited Nepali Movie “Loot 2” and it looks amazing. What amaze me more is the game “Haku Run” that Loot 2 team has launched with the trailer simultaneously.

App Walkthrough:

‘Haku Run’, is an adventurous game where there are two characters; Haku (Actor Saugat Malla) and Gofle (Actor Dahayang Rai). First, you have to select one of the character (Haku or Gofle) and start running where you have to pass by different parts of Nepal exploring various locations and super powers. Not only that, Lakhe will be throwing flames from its mouth for the obstacles. Super power such as; Coke Man and Change Man will help you to fly high and collect goodies. Major Target for you is to collect coin as much as you can and complete the level to unlock different backgrounds and powers. Also, there are lot more to explore.


Issue: Suddenly shutting down the game (After selecting character and tapping anywhere) and Black Loading screen which won’t let you play the game. Hope it get fixed in next updates.


If I am not wrong, this is the first Nepali movie game that has been implemented as Marketing tool in Nepali Movie Industry which is revolutionary. Also being marketing and app enthusiast, great to experience the Movie Game Marketing concept in Nepal. This make our expectation high from the movie.

Check it out this game and let me know your views in comments below.

Download – Haku Run in Google Play Store

Note: For this post, I played this game in my other smartphone.