Now You Can See Nepali YouTube Videos TRENDING – Did You Notice?


At first glance, it seems like the old YouTube, with logo and a search bar. But, if you check one more time with detail. Then, you can see the abbreviation of our Country; NEPAL (NP).  Yeah! That’s the great news for YouTube Enthusiasts; who wants to know what sort of videos are becoming popular especially in Nepal. So, isn’t that a cool stuff.

To experience this new change; You must go to YouTube’s – Browse Channels Section; where you will find a couple of new things.


Following snapshot shows these videos are becoming popular right now; which has a special Hash Tag and a channel so that you can subscribe it and get notified as soon as a new videos get uploaded; #PopularOnYouTubeNepal


There are various categories such as; Popular Right Now – Nepal, Music, Sports, Movies, Lifestyle, Entertainment, News, Technology, Vehicles, Animals, and lots more; which helps you to watch Nepali specific YouTube Content.

After finding this YouTube feature, if you explore some new stuff except above. Then, don’t forget to leave your comment. Till then, do share this YouTube latest feature; with your network. CHEERS!