Application Open For NEXT Launchpad: A Homegrown Startup Accelerator Program

Guy Kawasaki, Silicon-Valley based author, speaker, entrepreneur, and evangelist quotes that “Ideas are easy. Implementation is hard.” Hence, this same ideology applies to the startup world too. We may get a crazy idea when we are with friends at pub or anywhere. No matter how disruptive your idea and planning is. The main part we tend to lose focus is at an implementation phase. We don’t give much effort on building the real products or prototype; which aimed to be the bridge between your budding startup and investors, mentors, experts and users.

Now, let me drive your attention more on implementation phase. There aren’t any startup founders who don’t want to see their startup  grow or make an impact both locally and globally with their innovative idea. But, we have to admit that only few startups will make growth because most of the startup doesn’t have sufficient knowledge on boosting their startup with proper training and resources. To make your startup boosting process ease, let me introduce the new concept (in context of Nepal); Startup Accelerator Program.

It is a platform where it compounds of guidance, support system and resources that enables you as an entrepreneur to start and grow your business. Refining the business model to receiving funds is the major objective of this kind of accelerator program; where in between that, you will get  assistance from mentors as well as domain experts in developing the prototype based on your startup and demonstrate it on the Demo day. Demo day lets you showcase your early-stage product and helps you secure potential investments. In simple words, startup accelerator program is the blend of an academic expertise and real-world experience.

What is NEXT Launchpad and how it operates?

In short, NEXT Launchpad is a business accelerator program for Nepal developed by M&S NEXT Venture Corp. It is a program designed to help Nepali entrepreneurs and their early-stage businesses grow faster.

NEXT Launchpad, is a mentorship-driven startup accelerator program, which will fill the gap by providing compact and extensive programs to facilitate startups with the most of what they need to sustain and succeed. In addition , it is a 111 days of intensive learning and business model refining, while gaining exposure and developing valuable networks. This 4 month long program has been broken down into weeks, each with an objective which incorporates business model refining, marketing, legal, strategic management, operations, HR, finance, industry specific workshops, presentation and many more. In other words it is a homegrown accelerator program which is based on Lean Canvas that specifically caters Nepalese Startup Ecosystem needs and helps in keeping entrepreneurial ecosystem intact, and change the society for better.

It’s an obvious question that how this startup accelerator will help startup to scale. Then, here comes the core component of any accelerator program including NEXT Launchpad is the Accelerator Curriculum. It basically includes; sectors to be covered during the period, themes to be taught, objectives of individual tracks, and the to-dos for startup companies at each stage of their growth. It is built as an all-inclusive program that teaches entrepreneurs all they need to succeed and grow their businesses.

There are signature events within Next Launchpad that is designed to enhance the entrepreneurs’ learning experience.

  • BrainFast:

BrainFast is a brainstorming session over breakfast with business leaders and sector experts on any business issues relevant to the startup.

  • Venture Walk:

Venture walk is a morning walk session for entrepreneurs from selected startup company and the investors to know each other and the startup better, building valuable relations.

  • Venture Talk:

Venture Talk is a talk program where leading entrepreneurs share their journey of building successful ventures and one can interact with them.

  • Venture Blend:

Venture Blend is a theme based networking session, for instance, IT, agriculture, tourism, etc where people from all the verticals of the industry and people related to the industry get a platform to interact and break deals.

Brainfast and Venture Walk are organized on every Sunday morning on request by the selected startups. Venture talk and venture blend are each organized on alternate Friday evenings and is open for the public with prior registration. These events boost the growth of entrepreneurs, team and startup with maximum knowledge sharing, networking and exposure.

Startup accelerators are helping solve the global problems of today and tomorrow by nurturing young innovations and speeding up entrepreneurship throughout the world. Accelerators are the perfect brew of mentorship, networking, funding, and access to supportive communities, all packed into a time frame of three to four months. These accelerator programs are thought through to the minutest of level and made in collaboration with industry experts to make the complex and intimidating task of growing a company easy.

Applications for the startup companies has been announced during NEXT Growth Conclave, a growth hacking conference for entrepreneurs which was organized in Kathmandu by M&S NEXT Venture Corp. Out of the numerous applications for the program, only 10 companies will be selected to go through the accelerator program. The startups will be screened out through various phases such as analysis of application forms, founder interviews, team assessment and market study.

Each month has its own objective starting from building a strong foundation, gearing for success, managing growth, to attracting and managing funds. To fulfill these objectives, mentors deliver the workshops and trainings during the mornings every Monday to Friday. The  program concludes with a Demo Day where 10 selected startup entrepreneurs pitch their business whereas investors make growth investments on the startup companies.

Hence, Entrepreneurs from all over Nepal who are looking to grow their businesses can apply for NEXT Launchpad. Now, it’s time to boost your startup with a homegrown startup accelerator program; NEXT Launchpad.  

To apply for Next Launchpad CLICK HERE