Netflix Goes Worldwide! – Now Available in Nepal

Netflix has gone worldwide after releasing its universal app for Windows 10 in the late 2015.  A long wait was worthwhile for us Nepalese to finally not see the inviable message on the screen. Netflix has given its access to people worldwide; even in Nepal, and people were grabbing their account already.

Netflix is an American provider of internet streaming media and is popular worldwide for its original series, online video streaming and the library of movies to watch for as less as USD 7.99 a month. A single account can be used by many by adding new profiles, a kid profile is also available which disables adult content from the list. Its release in Nepal is a big thing for a few, especially those who spend most of their time on the internet, whereas the existence and knowledge of Netflix is unknown by many. The availability of the website in Nepal is also not that big of a merriment since we still don’t have a good payment system in the country.

The problem with the payment system is an enormous issue for Nepalese signing up for their plans as the website requires a credit/debit card to get started. Paypal doesn’t work in Nepal because of legal issues and most of them here do not have a credit card. One of the payment system available is Skrill, a British payment system which also works with eSewa. Withdrawing money is a thing that the service providers, but sending money to Skrill is just another challenge.

Netflix could also revoke access to some shows in Nepal because of licensing issues, which is also one of the reasons it wasn’t available till now. Though Netflix has increased its market access, it might not be able to get legitimate customers from Nepal since this is a whole new idea of the country and the payment method is a hurdle. People have already started using hacks and credit card number generator to watch the shows within two days of its launch. Legally paying customers from Nepal are rare opportunities the website might find. Let’s see if this can bring us a good payment system too.