Nepal Telecom Launches: NTPro App for GSM Postpaid Users

NTPro App, is a mobile application used to make voice call to any numbers in the Nepal Telecom network as well as can receive all calls while away from home networks and video calls as well as instant messaging between NTpro Apps /users.

According to the Nepal Telecom statement, this provides high quality of voice and video features over Wi-Fi or any data network. When a customer is out of network, call forwarding to a specified number is required to receive calls in NTPro. There’s no need to check the account balance before you make a call. Call charges will be deducted from your post-paid balance. Customers can make and receive calls at cheaper prices while roaming.

Additional Features:

  • Multi-party (ad-hoc) conference
  • Meet-me conference
  • Free instant messaging and
  • Video talk within NTPro customers, call waiting, call forwarding etc.

For more info: CLICK HERE!

Download App from Google Play Store for Android users

Download App from App Store for iOS users