Nepal Driving License App Launched: Smarter Way to Prepare for the Driving License Written Test

Nepal Driving License App

To get qualified for the driving test, one has to pass the written exam first. Many take this test lightly and fail. Allocating little time with proper guidance can help you pass this written exam. There are plenty of books available in the market and it is very hard to pick one. Especially when the syllabus has been recently revised with fines for various traffic rules violations. If you are thinking of preparing for the driving license written exam and want a simple and easy way to do it, your wait is over.

Let me present you an app named; Nepal Driving License, which helps you to prepare for the Driving License Written test in a smarter and handy way. This app has been conceptualized by Mr. Chandan Goopta (App Curator) and developed by Makura Creations.

Here are some insights about the app in the words of mind behind the app, Mr. Goopta.

Q. How did this idea come up?

A. One day, I went to give driving license test and saw people in line reading books, seems like; they are appearing for SLC exam. Suddenly, thought came up in my mind. How about making these books available in an easy manner in app?

If we analyze the data itself, approximately, 500 pass the written tests and below 100 pass trial exam every day. So, out of 800 those who appear for written test, only less than 100 will get their driving ticket to license but remaining 700+ have to reappear in written test and for one month (previously it was 3 months) they cannot appear in the exam. Hence, to make driving license written test preparation smart and handy. I came up with the idea.

Q. How did you accumulate the resources needed for an app?

A. I did some research on question papers. Read 4/5 books in the market and compiled the best version of it. So, that one doesn’t have to buy any book. This app is sufficient for those who are appearing for driving license written test.

Q. What sort of features can the user expect from this app in coming days?

A. We have lots of features in the pipeline. Few of them are:

  • Personalization: This feature will help you to track your progress and will display all those achievements you have gained so far in an app.
  • Web Online Version: You can practice for driving license written test via the website soon.


As we know Driving License card has been upgraded to Smart License card and so do your preparation for driving license written test in a smarter way with Nepal Driving License app. But, app development team should also work on embedding topic related to Online License Registration Form and provide pool of relevant information simultaneously. (Feedback)

Do check it out this app. Also, let us know your views about it in the comment box below. CHEERS!

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