Naya News App Launched: Reading Nepali News Just Got a Whole Lot Smarter

Naya news app, is an android application, which automatically searches, classifies and lists Nepali news from multiple reliable sources. So, this app will help you to stay smart and keep yourself updated with the current affairs with ease.

Personally speaking, I love the Minimalist Design Approach (MDA) to User Interface (UI) that caught my eye instantly. You may have a question? How this app is smarter than other news app? Basically, this app implements ’s computing power to fetch and classify news from major reliable Nepali news sources. hosts a smart machine that can think and act on its own! It can read and understand text. For this particular scenario, app developer taught it to fetch and categorize news. Sure, it does make mistakes once in a while, but it keeps learning and will make fewer mistakes over time.

Hence, be part of this app and shift your reading experience to a whole new level; SMARTER.