National Volunteering Program (NVP) App Launched: Start your Volunteering Journey Now!

National Volunteering Program (NVP), is an android application, where you can register yourself as a National Volunteer, connect with like-minded Nepali youth and find out exciting opportunities to volunteer and serve in our country. In addition to, you can follow inspirational stories of volunteerism through posts, pictures of volunteers and conversations.

Considering the usability perspectives, this app can be useful for passionate volunteers; who loves to work and share your volunteering journey with other like-minded people. Also, Various national and international, government and non-government agencies can find this app; resourceful, in which you can search for volunteers with specific skill-sets; request and get the number of volunteers required and engage them in works of social good

Providing the brief information about, National Volunteering Program, which is the national volunteering platform of Nepal that inspires Nepali youths to volunteer for their country. Through NVP, Nepali youths are being inspired, enrolled, trained and engaged in various relief, rehabilitation, reconstruction efforts during the times of disaster. The National Volunteers lead sustainable development efforts to build resilience in the society to better deal with such disasters in the future.