Movers & Shakers (M&S) Holdings: Uncovered Four New Different Ventures

In an official event of Movers & Shakers (M&S), which was held at the Attic Bar, Tangal.  M&S Holdings unveiled its four companies:

1. M&S VMAG:

It is a complete weekly video magazine that encompasses all forms of lifestyle entities in the form of print and video published every Friday, which is also available at and on its official mobile application.


● Editor: Mr. Tiku Gauchan (Magazine)

● Executive Producer: Mr. Sonam Tsering Lama (Video)

● Business Head: Mr. Saurabh Pahari

● CEO: Mr. Sambhav Sirohiya


2. M&S NEXT Venture Corp:

Started as Asian Ventures in 2012, M&S NEXT, which is a support system enabling entrepreneurs to start and grow their businesses in Nepal. With the aim to help entrepreneurs along, providing an entrepreneurial education, mentorship, market exposure, shared office space and resources, supportive community, valuable networks and access to funding through NEXT Launchpad.


Basically, Next Launchpad, is a mentorship driven startup accelerator program, where entrepreneurs take their growth stage businesses to the next level. At the Launchpad, selected entrepreneurs with growth stage businesses go through 111 days of intensive training, networking, and business model refining. In completion of this 16 weeks long program, the entrepreneurs present their growing businesses to the investors in order to secure funding. The applications for first batch will open on March 2016.


Interacting with Mr. Kavi Raj Joshi; who is a Founder and Managing Partner for M&S NEXT; He talks about future ventures of NEXT; which are: NEXT Venture Hub, Venture School and Venture Fund. Venture hub is a dynamic platform and collaborating working space and a strong community for creators and entrepreneurs. He adds that, Venture School, is an academy that provides courses to enhance an entrepreneurial skills, catered toward the startup entrepreneurs’ needs. And last but not the least, Venture fund, is a platform for the innovative startups of all the stages ranging from idea-to-seed-to-growth.




● Founding Chairman: Mr. Sambhav Sirohiya

● Founder and Managing Partner: Mr. Kavi Raj Joshi

● Associate, Program Development: Mr. Pranjal Ghimire

● Associate, Business Development: Ms. Arisha Maharjan


3. M&S WORXPro Innovation:

M&S WORXPro, is an innovation lab that aims to contribute to the exponentially growing global tech industry by focusing purely in research and development. WORXpro innovation will be focusing on emerging computing areas that will be very critical for any businesses to be successful.


● Mr. Sambhav Swar Sirohiya, Chairman: Exposure in Media and Technlogy Industry, CEO and Founder of M&S Group, CEO Kantipur Digital Corp, Sambhav has been the key person to redefine ekantipur with more than four years of research in media and technology advancements.

● Mr. Ananta Saurabh, CEO: Over 20 years of experience, in driving a company with emerging technologies. Started working with European companies two decades ago when Internet was new to the world helping them take their business online.

● Mr. Kaushal Shah, Research Associate for Artificial Intelligence: more than 15 years in the industry.

● Ms. Sangeeta Shrestha, Research Associate for UI design: more than 15 years of experience in the industry.



It is an event explorer company aiming to introduce new avenues in the tourism industry to enhance corporate networking, luxury lifestyle and adrenaline adventure activities through refined signature events, ones that will catapult local destinations and culture, to the global scene.


● Mr. Sambhav Sirohiya, Chairman

● Mr. Monayac Karki, CEO, Over 5 Years of Experience in event management

● Mr. Ranadeep Shah, Business Development Officer, more than 3 years of experience as event co-coordinator.


It’s time to meet the M&S dedicated and energetic team. CHEERS!

From Left to Right: Mr. Ananta Saurabh, Mr. Monayac Karki, Mr. Sambhav Sirohiya, Mr. Saurabh Pahari, Mr. Kavi Raj Joshi, Mr. Tiku Gauchan, Mr. Sonam Tshering Lama