The Mindset of Aspiring Entrepreneurs

People often say motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing, That’s why we recommend it daily. – Zig Zaglar

Though difficult, your success depends on training your mind to see an excitement and good in your daily work. Negativity causes stress, anger and worry that wear you down mentally and physically with dire consequences and outbursts with your friends and family.

When you see the excitement and the positivity in the mundane, you recognize, you have a life, that you can be proud of. If you aren’t on point with reaching goals are, you will end up lost and floundering. The best way to stay motivated is to know exactly where you are going, and how you’re going to get there.

  • Reaffirm your endgame every day by posting your goals
  • Break your goals down into smaller steps that can be accomplished and celebrated
  • Your accomplish should be clear, prominent and give you the energy to keep going every day

Believing in your potential to succeed is vital. You have to believe in your ability –believe you’re capable –in order to win. But you also need to believe you can fail, and you have to allow your actions to be governed by that. -Hermann Arnold

Talking to entrepreneurs each day, The biggest internal crisis comes from what they see as a lack of belief. When business suffers, customers don’t materialize, or strategies fail, people often lose faith in themselves, question their mission and therefore give up. In short, they doubt.

Here is the main theory: It’s almost never a lack of faith that will sink you. It’s a lack of doubt. More importantly, it’s a lack of understanding of what faith and belief really are, to the point where you don’t honor your doubts enough to embrace them.

Look at theology, which peddles in faith and doubt as its stock and trade. Thomas Merton, the great inspirational theologian, put it simply: “Faith means doubt. Faith is not the suppression of doubt. It is the overcoming of doubt, and you overcome doubt by going through it. The man of faith who has never overcome doubt is not a man of faith.” The Very first paragraph of You can win by Shiva Khera also mention about our internal state: “It is what is inside that makes us go up.” Believe.

Article compiled with references to various sources, the writer pays due credit and provides links to sources of compilation upon request, thank you for reading.