Master-piece collection of Nepali literature is here! – Nepali Audio Book [APP REVIEW]

Nepali Audio Book, is an android application, which is a master-piece collection of radio programs, Nepali novels, stories, poems, songs, comedy and lots more. Mostly, it contains the radio program of Ujyaalo 90 network. Popular radio programs from different Nepali FM stations like; Shruti Sambeg, Mero Katha Mero Geet, BulBul and others.

This apps has been able to set a remarkable hallmark on preserving the Nepali literature, art, culture and tradition. With this saying, I would like to review this app in detail as possible. So, without much further ado. Let’s get started.


Nepali audio book, which is a no doubt a rich collection of Nepali literature, culture, songs, novels, poems and many more and also add a choice you to listen any content online or offline.


User Interface / User Experience (UI/UX): star-four-11-jpg

It has a sleek and user-friendly interface, where you can easily find different categories by simply swiping from one tab to another tab. Also, to save your time, there is a searching feature too. It loads the content fast. With this, user experience has been simplified even more.

Features: star-four-11-jpg

  • Update with almost all Nepali literature programs; songs, radio programs and many more
  • Embedded with rich audio player with a timer, equalizer and playlist
  • Offline features; simple download the particular program and listen it at your feasible time

Usability: star-four-11-jpg

If you are an avid lover of Nepali literature, songs, novels, poems and many other thing then this app is just for YOU. Yes! Just you. Mark my word, you will simply love it and do thank me when we meet sometime.

Feedback to Developer:

  1. User-based content customization: Let the user choose what categories they would like to listen. In simple, user login and user-based content generation. This features will let you focus on each user and I am sure they will value your apps even more.
  1. Wrong color selection in search: To tell the truth, I don’t like the red color that you choose for highlighting the text. Leave it as default or white color suits more.


What’s your views?

Do let me know, what others features you find in Nepali Audio Book or give your feedback on improving this app. For that, comment section is just right below.