Marques Brownlee (MKBHD) Curious to Know About Nepal

marques brownlee nepal

An American based vlogger, Marques Brownlee, who is popularly known for his tech-focused youtube channel; MKBHD has recently uploaded a video related to the voice assistant battle between – Siri, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Bixby voice.

Interesting stuff about this recent video is that Marques asked some series of questions to different voice assistant about Nepal. If you want to know what questions did he ask and who won the voice assistant battle then watch the following video:

TIPS: Video starts at 6:02

After watching the above video, it seems like Marques is quite curious to know about Nepal. Maybe, you are also curious that why did he ask all those questions about Nepal. Is he planning to travel in Nepal or just a set of random questions? Well, for that, we should wait what Marques has to say. We will try our best to get reply from Marques (FINGER-CROSSED). Cheers!

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