LokSewa Nepal app, hits 100K Downloads in Google Play Store

LokSewa Nepal, a web and mobile application which helps in collecting the required materials like; Notes, Notices, Practice questions, Online test and others for the preparation of LokSewa Exam conducted by Public Service Commission exams on the go.

Previous year, the team won mBillionthAward in the category of Education and Learning which was great news to the Nepali Apps developers out there. This year, app hits 100K downloads in Google Play Store. Let us hear what the co-founder has to say about an app, representing the LokSewa Team.


ashok-basnetInteracting with Mr. Ashok Basnet, Co-founder of LokSewa Nepal app, share about their initial journey; we released the app in Nov 6, 2014 and overwhelmed with an increasing number of app users. Recently the app has reached to 100K downloads with daily active users of 10,000, which motivates our team to move forward and we are dedicated in adding a services in the coming days.

Sharing with BlogorTech, Mr. Ashok, considers in adding services to their users, they are bringing a new section in an app i.e, which is about hardcopy books so that the users don’t need to roam around searching for the books, with this upcoming feature, the users can order the books within the app and get delivered, which is possible with an integration with SastoBook.com.  So, this ordering and delivering the book service is tentatively going to start after two weeks.

If you have any suggestion regarding the app. Then, don’t forget to leave your comment below and will forward to the developer team. CHEERS!