Discover Holiday Destinations and List of Things To Do in Nepal With Thingsle App

Image Source: Official Webiste

Thingsle app (pronounced as Things-le), is Nepal’s first social app for discovering and sharing holiday destination, weekend getaways, vacation ideas targeted to local nepalese and tourists interested in experiencing local way of living. It lets you plan your holiday by giving the best list of things to do which are ranked, loved and shared by people who have visited that particular destinations. The objective of the app is to let users discover popular tourist destinations and list of things to do which are classified according to Categories like Sightseeings, Food & Drinks, Activities, Nightlife, Events, Shopping.

Briefing the features of Thingsle App with BlogorTech , Mr. Kijan Maharjan, Founder of Thingsle App, said, “Major characteristics of Thingsle App is to provide a list of places and list of things to do where people might have been or might not. It will also help people to travel different seen and unseen destinations which can be shared among friends and families. In addition to, there are always people out there who would be interested in really specific topics like nature, culture, adventures, religious places or any unique activities in which we help to let everyone know that there’s those things exists which they have never seen. Tourist would find a very unique destinations whereas locals will find unseen destinations to travel.”


One important plus point about Thingsle App is its amazing User Interface (UI) / User Experience (UX). UI looks clean and intuitive. While Providing the feedback in terms of UX, developer should think about user engagement and build trust among the thingsle app community. Another Plus point is its features; from fooding to shopping, you can find lots of things to do in specific destinations. Also, it’s a great platform to share the favorite destinations and let others follow your trail. As Government of Nepal recently launched “Ghumfir Barsa ” (Travel Year) 2073 to revive from Tourism sector after a sluggish year. Why don’t we plan and explore different holiday destinations with Thignsle App. It’s a worth check out app.

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