From Hackathon to Pen Testing Competition – IT MEET 2017 [FULL EVENT DETAILS]


Continuing the legacy, KUCC is organizing ‘IT MEET 2017’ with a motto ‘Ideate-Startup-Innovate’ on Jan 20-22, 2017 at KU premises.  It is a platform to showcase ideas, inventions and discoveries, students will get a dynamic chance to feed their hungry intellects.

As I promised you in previous post. Here are the full event details of IT MEET 2017:

Project Demonstration
Collaborating with different departments and clubs within Kathmandu University to showcase the different software and technologies use at respective fields with an aim to develop a good eco-system for ICT as the audience from different fields can learn how ICT can be beneficial in their field.

This is the event where Programmers dedicate a night to develop something small yet impressive within 24 hours. The participants will be kept in a computer lab with internet connection for one night. They will be provided a theme and they have to present (pitch) their project proposal based on the idea and finish the project within a night. The participants will also be provided with the facility of meal. The panel of judge will decide the winner based on the creativity, innovation, completeness, and other critical factors.

Coding Competition
In this competition, a programming problem will be given to the participant and they have to solve the problem in limited time using any programming language of their choice. The chosen problem will be based upon interesting scenarios. The person who solves the problem first with desired result will be awarded with an attractive gift hamper.

Theme based Seminars
Different speakers will talk about different technologies, entrepreneurs to share about their stories motivate aspiring entrepreneurs and expertise from different field to talk about different opportunities for ICT in different fields.

Developers Meet
In this seminar, professionals from different backgrounds share their ideas, by giving presentations and participating in discussions. This will give an opportunity for the tech-communities to come together with academics, non-technical audiences and industries.

Tech-Art Collaboration Workshop
Collaborating with artists and the (computer) graphic designs and Human-Computer interaction principals we will conduct a workshop on how to produce master-pieces arts in computer and how to use them in projects.

Daily Workshop
In the daily workshop of this program, there will be expertise from different organizations related to IT field who will conduct technological based workshop for 3 days.

Talk Program
Various keynote speakers from the different fields of expertise will also hold the session on different topics. Issues like National Branding Issue: ICT Branding, Industry-Academia Gap, Curriculum Development, Organizational Culture and Advanced Computing Resources.

IT quiz competition
An inter-college (+2 / High school) quiz competition will be organized in KUCC IT Meet 2017. The two teams will be awarded impressive gift hampers and a running shield (which was introduced from last year). This event is to encourage and motivate students from early age towards ICT.

Mapping event
This program is being organized in collaborating with Geomatics Engineering Society (GIS) [Department of Civil Engineering and Geomatics Engineering]. The participants will participate to add geo-information to different parts in map of Nepal.

Designing Competition
This program is fully a creativity based program where a designing competition is held between students under a theme. Participants can show their creativity using any designing platform. The best designs will be chosen and awarded with attractive gift hamper.

Cyber Gaming Competition
“Unite all Gamers” as a true gamer would say, IT Meet 2017 will be hub to bring together all gamers for an open competition, promoting the cyber gaming culture. Cash prizes will be provided to the winners.

In this event, a group of four participants will be given a problem and the competitors will have to find the solution using search engine. The person who finds the highest number of solutions in shortest time will be awarded with attractive gift hampers.

3D-Science Movie Show
To engage the visitors in an entertaining way along with the experience of 3D movie technology.

Career Counseling
Students and faculty members from different departments of Kathmandu University will provide free career counseling by explaining to the visitors about different career choices, university course for the career, pros and cons of the career choice and scope of the career choice.

Robotics Event
This event will provide an overview of robots for general students and convey the knowledge of robotics and its applications. It also demonstrates the projects of Kathmandu University Robotics Club.

Arduino Training
This training is mainly focused for KU students, +2 students and other engineering students. Arduino is an easy yet powerful single board computer that has gained considerable attraction in the hobby as well as professional market. The main advantage of Arduino is that it uses simple programing language which is derived from c and is user friendly.

IT Exchange Program via AIESEC
AIESEC is a non-profit student run organization which focuses on leadership development of students through exchange i.e. by providing internships in countries all over the world. Students come for volunteering projects (6-8 weeks) or internship program (3-6 month). In this IT meet we would like to showcase the possible IT projects the students could get engaged in (outside Nepal as a volunteering projects and internships) which would help the students get practical skills in the relevant subjects. This in turn would benefit both the students as well as the institutions related.

FOSS Communities
This event covers different programs of FOSS Nepal and Kathmandu University Open Source Communities (KUOSC). It includes information on Free and Open source software. Various communities working on this sectors like OLE Nepal, Mozilla Nepal, OSM Nepal, HeNN (Help Nepal Network) will share their work on this sector.

LTSP e-library
Linux Terminal Server Project (LTSP) is the program funded by Help Nepal Network and technically supported by Department of Computer Science and Technology (DoCSE), Kathmandu University. There are more than 30+ LTSP e-library sites deployed until now which is helping the rural village to reduce digital gap. IT Meet 2016 will show how our LTSP functions and its contents to general public.

Idea Pitching
Supported by KUBIC, teams from various academic backgrounds construct ideas on a given theme and present their idea to a panel of judges. The judges will select and award the best pitching under several criteria such as creativity, market feasibility, resources use, etc. For more info: CLICK HERE

Selfie Contest
In order to inform more people about IT Meet 2017, selfie contest and photography contests are being held. Selfie contest is basically held through social networking sites where the participants are required to hash tag #ITMeet2017

Photography Contest
Participants submit their photos related to Technology theme which are printed and put on display. Visitors will vote on the best photo and a prize will be given to the photographer.

Django Girls Training
Django Girls Nepal will send their best trainers to a group of dedicated participants who will receive training on Django framework from scratch. The training is open to anyone interested in programming using Django.

Blood Donation
For the first time KU Pharmacy Club is collaborating with IT MEET organizing committee to conduct blood donation program for the visitors of IT MEET.

Musical Program
Musical Program is conducted by KU Society of Music, Arts and Culture for the visitors of Kathmandu University. Professional music artists will be performing on stage.

Acoustic Night
Acoustic Night is a proud tradition of KU Computer Club and KU Society of Music, Arts and Culture. Students interested in performing acoustic music will participate in this event conducted in the evening.

Treasure Hunt
Treasure Hunt is an event conducted in collaboration with KU Geomatics Engineering Society. A stall will be provided on-venue for students who are interested in Treasure Hunt. A prize is also available for winners.

A dedicated team of about 20 to 30 people gather and localize the open source software for usage in UNIX systems for Nepal. Some examples of such software include Wikipedia,VLC, etc.

Pen Testing Competition
The first of it’s kind in Nepal, pen testing competition (with the technical expertise of Rigo Tech) is a tournament based competition in which cyber security enthusiasts gather and are expected to break into (hack into) a system or a virtual lab. Winners shall be provided with attractive gift hampers.

and lots more

Let us know in which program you will participate and write it in comment box below. See you at the event. CHEERS!