Internship Tips and Tricks at a Silicon Valley Co. @ GDGDevFest KTM

GDG DevFest Kathmandu has been successfully conducted at Trade Tower, Thapathali on 20th December,2014. This event was organized by GDG Kathmandu, supported by Google Developers and Google. Bhupal SapkotaSuresh Ghimire and Hem Shrestha are the main contributors who made this event possible in Nepal. KUDOS to all of you.

If you guys don’t know about GDG DevFest then it’s a local community-run events which basically organize a session which gives knowledge about google products. On my wish list, I had listed this event to participate. Finally, I did.

There were many sessions such as:

  1. Scalable Backend for mobile app (Speaker Session, by Shankar Uprety)
  2. What and How of Material Design on Android (Speaker/Demo Session by Anjan Shrestha)
  3. Dos and don’ts of Android Apps Security (Security Professional’s Perspective by Bijay Senihang)
  4. How to get an internship at a Silicon Valley company ( by Topraj Gurung, Software Engineer, Google Mountain View, California )
  5. Many others

I found “How to get an internship at a Silicon Valley Co.” session a lot more interesting and helpful. The resource person was Mr. Topraj Gurung. When I googled about him. I found this.


toprajHe shared some of his experience in working at International Co. i.e. Google and most importantly, he talks about tips and tricks to get involved in an Internship at Silicon Valley Co. I found his session more informative and helpful. Helpful in the sense that in his presentation, he presented what sort of interview questions (coding) are asked to interviewer at the written test. I took a snapshot of his presentation where he shared about different resources which will assist while getting ready to apply for internship.



Resources shared by Mr. Topraj Gurung


How can I forget the  lucky 5 lollipop winner entertainment event? There were two versions of lollipop 3.0 version and 5.0 version. I am sure, you guys are confused. Google has released latest version 5.0 which is also known as Lollipop. But WTH! Lollipop 3.0  It’s simply small size Lollipop. LOL 😀

Source: Google Image
Source: Google Image

I would like to wrap up this post by showing the goodies that I got from GDG DevFest.

GDG Goodies

It doesn’t matter how is the quality of that hoodie?, but only matters to me is how much did you network with different people from different area of professionalism? I hope after reading this post, many people will be motivated to participate in next GDG DevFest Kathmandu, 2015. CHEERS!