Did you submit your Idea for Idea Studio Season 2 ? [ Deadline – 21 July ]

Idea Studio Nepal

“Idea Studio Nepal” is a non-profit company which provides encouragement and opportunities to those who aim to transform new ideas into socially-conscious enterprises. The Idea Studio is collaboration between academia, the private sectors, development sectors and the media.  Its approach is based on core values: Social Innovation, Investment, Knowledge Creation, Social Justice and Promoting Human Dignity.

Idea Studio Process


Insights Shared by the Various Personalities

Dr. Tshering Lama (Chairperson, Idea Studio & Country Director, Childreach Nepal): “Idea Studio is a platform to develop and celebrate a complete eco-system of social entrepreneurs in Nepal, which ultimately restores human dignity based on knowledge creation and innovative approaches.”

Rupesh Krishna Shrestha( Board member of Idea Studio and Assistant Professor of Kathmandu University School of Management (KUSOM): “Business Incubation Program bridges the gap between theory and practice creating better learning opportunity for student and future aspiring entrepreneurs. Idea studio in every college is the way forward for Entrepreneurial education in Nepal.”

Anil Shah (CEO of Mega Bank): “Idea Studio is a platform for job creators rather than job seekers. Being able to see the ideators of Season one sharing their success stories within this short period of time is indeed very delightful and overwhelming.”

Bal Krishna Joshi (Co-Founder of Thamel.com): “The domestic and international network that Idea Studio offers not only benefits the ideators, but also investors and business mentors like us to become better entrepreneurs. Thanks for connecting me to PayPal.”

Ujjwal Krishna Shrestha ( Executive Director, Panchakanya Group) : “Idea Studio has changed the lens through which Nepali entrepreneurship is seen to something that is innovative and exemplary.”

Madindra Aryal (Ideator of Season 1):Idea studio was the perfect platform to unleash my passion for electronics and expand networks with business and IT pioneers.”

Shiva Ram Poudel (Ideator of season 1): “This experience has helped me expand my contacts to a great deal and I have also learned alternative ways to raise funds.”

Anil Basnet (Ideator of season 1): “Thanks to Idea Studio, it not only helped us expand our networks and knowledge but also provided us with opportunities to collaborate with likeminded individuals and businesses.”

After the grand success of Idea Studio Season 1, the Idea Studio team is all set to Launch Season 2, with a  focus on Mid-Western and Far-Western Nepal, has the objectives to:

  • Ignite: In the context of Nepal where most of the population feels that there is no opportunity for gainful employment, Idea Studio acts as a perfect platform. It raises awareness among people regarding the potential business environment, changes people’s mindset regarding entrepreneurship, and provides an opportunity to turn their idea into reality. Idea Studio also allows its chosen Ideators to pitch their ideas on national television.
  • Incubate: Idea Studio, with the help of business gurus and respected members of Nepal’s academia, will provide mentoring and consulting services to the Ideators based on their needs so that they can become successful entrepreneurs.
  • Invest: Idea Studio helps to create networks between the Ideators and the investors. After a series of mentoring services, if business gurus like the Ideator’s plan they provide required resources, invest in the plan and support the Ideators in starting their own ventures.

Idea Studio welcomes and supports raw ideas, startups, or ideas that require expansion or huge investment and has no barriers regarding age, literacy level, and income.

You can submit an idea to Idea Studio via  website www.ideastudio.org.np , email info@ideastudio.org.np , P.O. Box No. 376. Inquiries can be made by phone 5520374 / 5527977. The idea submission ends on 21st July, 2016.