Hospitals Nepal [APP REVIEW]

What would you do when your relatives or friends are sick? Which hospitals to take him or her so that diseases are diagnosed properly?  What if, you want to set the appointment with particular doctor? You may have plenty of questions like this. Don’t you? So, Instead panicking and before tackling with these health concerns. What you need to do is to DOWNLOAD “Hospitals Nepal” app. Keep reading! I am sure will get the answer at the end.

Hospitals Nepal app will help you to get an answer to the above questions or any health related issues or problems. As we all knew, our time is really valuable. Information regarding Hospitals, Ambulance, Doctors and others are just one tap away. With just one tap, you can get reliable and useful information in following matters:

  • To find Hospitals
  • To find Doctors
  • To call an Ambulance

I know we can’t think much, when someone is sick. We start to panic and doesn’t know what to do. But, this app can be your initial solution.

Source: Google Play Store - Hospitals Nepal [UI]
Source: Google Play Store – Hospitals Nepal [UI]

What I like?

With this app, you can choose from 3000+ doctors, 300+ hospitals and 150 ambulances to call. Don’t you think this will save your precious time rather visiting each Doctor and Hospital? Not only this, Hospitals Nepal will show you nearest Hospitals too, according to your current location and in one tap you can call an ambulance or you don’t need to write the number in a sheet of paper.

Let’s say, I am in Kathmandu. This app will show me total 40 Hospitals which are located in Kathmandu. Similarly, if you want to search the Doctor, according to your disease, then simply type your disease.  It will show the specific Doctor name and you can set the appointment too.

What I want to see?

This app focuses on urban areas or those people who have access to the Internet. But, what about the people who live in rural areas? Like; Humla, Jumla, Rolpa and others. They don’t have access to the internet or may not have the appropriate technology to access the information shared by Hospitals Nepal.

I know you can’t start developing those technological requirements instantly. But, what about introducing health campaigns to particular health spot. For instance, you can invest the fund collected for campaigns in rural areas. You can partner with different hospitals and start serving Telemedicine or other services in rural areas. Then only this app will be valuable for those patients who live both in both rural and urban sectors. Let’s consider the following fact and start solving it by utilizing our available resources.

Based on WHO data, Nepal ranked 139th in life expectancy in 2010 with the average Nepalese living to 65.8 years.

This blog is the continuation of the HEALTH series app review. If you are confused, what was the previous app that I reviewed was another useful app i.e EmBlood. 

Till then, be strong and healthy. CHEERS!