Here Are The List of 10 Companies Selected for Rockstart Impact Third Batch

Out of 197 applications received from Nepali Entrepreneurs. Only 10 companies got selected for Rockstart Impact third batch. Briefing about Rockstart Impact, which is an accelerator program that makes 10 high potential and ambitious Nepali companies investment-ready in 100 days. Offering a high quality pressure-cooker program based on proven and tested methodologies, the companies receive intensive coaching from local and international professionals that are involved and dedicated to provide hands-on support and networking opportunities.

Here are the list of ten companies:

Best Paani:

Best Paani specializes in research & development and installations of environmentally, socially and economically sustainable water systems. It envisions creating a world where every person has equitable access to clean water, and they use environmentally sound technologies and 100% locally available resources verified by local and international frameworks for personal, commercial and industrial scale systems.

Chainlink Engineering:

Hydropower is a green source of energy and with so many hydropower plants being installed in Nepal, there is a question that comes into mind – Servicing. If repair and maintenance is missing, production capacity downgrades resulting in an inefficient machine. Chainlink Engineering works with repair and maintenance of parts of hydropower projects and does general civil constructions.

Environment Protection and Alternative Power Development (EPAPD):

To prevent brain drain and create job opportunities for our skilled and educated youth by giving high priority to modern, organic agriculture, EPAPD has a kiwi fruit farm and sells fresh kiwi fruit, saplings and jap thus contributing to the growth of the agricultural sector.

Global Chemicals:

Global Chemicals are manufacturers and suppliers of Gum Rosin and Turpentine Oil. Gum Rosin is extensively used in various applications by several industries while turpentine oil is a fluid obtained by the distillation of resin obtained from live trees, mainly pines. It is mainly used as a solvent and as a source of materials for organic synthesis. Currently employing 120 staff members stretched out in 8 districts of Nepal, they aim at employing 700 people under Global Chemicals by 2020.

Green Bamboo Creation:

Replacing bamboo with wood, Green Bamboo Creation sells furniture made of complete bamboo, bamboo and wood composite of different design and requirements. They also construct engineered bamboo house and decorative products for interior and exterior.

ICT for Agriculture:

After witnessing the problems that bothered the farmers in his own village, one of the co-founder developed a mobile application and SMS platform which can be used for mass messaging, 3 day weather forecast, agro advisory and most importantly market price information. Later, the company saw a market opportunity to involve value chain actors in information dissemination that made it capable of turning into financial sustainable profit making social enterprise.

Mush Nepal:

Mush Nepal was nurtured in a family that belonged to mushroom farmers and it was initiated to address the issues such as food security, nutrition, uses of agro waste, unavailability of quality spawn and mushroom as consumable product. They are currently producing mushroom seeds on a large scale.

National Organics:

National Organics is a leading manufacturer and exporter of natural, organic agro forest products for the global market. It envisions creating a company which not only serves its clients but, more importantly, serves the communities where the products come from. National Organics deals with soapberries, wild crafted/cultivated essential oils, commodities, plant based butter, raw spices, herbs & botanicals.

Nepal Thopa Sinchai:

Nepal Thopa Sinchai is working on supply, installation, commissioning and testing of advanced Green House Solar pumps, and smart irrigation tools and services to farmers and institutes working in modern, tech-based agriculture. It is a pioneering name in the field of complete irrigation package in Nepal through delivery of drip and sprinkler irrigation.

Rammed Earth Solutions:

Rammed Earth Solutions is a team that has come together due to their interest and experience in the great potential offered by constructing buildings out of rammed earth and the other techniques they employ, to create sustainable and eco-friendly structures.

In the past two editions, Rockstart Impact, have accelerated total 20 companies and and 10 companies have already received Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), whereas the third edition of the program is going to start soon.

This article was compiled from the Rockstart Impact’s Blog