Money Calendar – Handy tool for managing your incomes and expenses [APP REVIEW]

We spend our money on various things. No matter its on food, clothes, electronic products, miscellaneous and others. After some week, you will forget that on which item you spend your money. Simply, you don’t give a shit after spending your money. Don’t you? But, those person will know the value of money who can manage their monetary transactions. So, after reading this blog, I am sure, next time, you will think twice before you spend.

To make your monetary transactions ease, there is an app named Money Calendar. It’s an simple application, in which you will provide input such as: add specific amount of specific category stating that transactions is incoming and outgoing and in response to input, you can see list of transaction that you spend your money on it and also see graphical representation of your transaction.

This app has been developed by a Nepali students who are currently studying Computer Engineering in final year.

Without much further a do, let’s get started.


User Interface / User Experience (UI/UX): star-four-11-jpg

It has a sleek and an intuitive UI which follows the Google’s material design whereas in UX, I found it bit slow due to splash screen. Instead of splash screen, it would be effective if you would have added demo tour of your app once to the new user. After that, open up the main activity directly which will save the time of an end-user.

Next thing, when user tap on floating action button a.k.a FAB  then user are able to give input. But, I don’t like the naming that you guys have given for Description. Please, change it in next update.

Features: 3.5-stars

  • List out your monetary transactions with income and expenses, which can also be fit in respective category such as: Miscellaneous, Grocery, Fooding, Shopping, Education, Personal, Maintenance, Health, Travel, Saving and Home.
  • Graphical representation of your monetary transaction in respect to specific month.

There are other features that you can add it to your app i.e. adding currency converter, adding current currency rate and others.

Usability: star-four-11-jpg

With this app, you can achieve your financial objectives through financial planning. Not only that, it also helps you to filter out your list of monetary transactions.


What’s your view on this app?

Let’s make this app even more useful with your invaluable feedback for that comment section is just right below. CHEERS!