Hamro Patro to Release Telehealth Platform

hamro patro health

Hamro Patro, Nepal’s most popular mobile app, has started its telehealth services today. The new service, Hamro Patro Health, allows users to consult specialist doctors on-demand. This service is starting from Monday as a pilot rollout. “It is available on android devices for now, with an iOS version set to be released within two months.”, said Shankar Uprety, Founder and CEO
of Hamro Patro, Inc.

Users will have to update their Hamro Patro app for the new service.Introduced to improve access to healthcare for Nepalis that live beyond the reach of healthcare systems, Hamro Patro Health allows patients to consult with specialist doctors on-demand. The platform is open for any doctor recognized by the Nepali Medical Council (NMC). After buying an online ticket, users can directly call an available specialist if they are online. A ticket costs NRs 500, and users have access to a physician for one week for follow-ups and report submissions. Doctors can also send prescriptions and recommend medication through in-app features.

Before consulting a doctor, users will have to enter their name, age, and health condition to create an online profile. In addition, users can upload lab reports and other relevant documents to their online profiles to provide a clearer case of their health condition. As of today, twenty doctors have already enrolled in the platform, according to Hamro Patro. The pilot phase will run for two months, after which a full version will be released to public users and other doctors. Doctors enrolled in Hamro Patro Health can come online as per their availability, and users can call any online doctor. Furthermore, a matching system to automatically connect patients to appropriate doctors will be introduced in the near future.