Hamro Patro Officially Tied-up with Viber as Enabling Partner for Nepal and also Launched Hamro ChatBot

In an official press release, Hamro Patro has tied up with Viber as a technology enabling partner in Nepal for Viber Public Account. With this partnership, Hamro Patro has been integrated in the public account of Viber. Viber media had recently launched the Public Account feature that lets users to communicate with brands.

Subscribe Hamro Patro Public Account 
Find Hamro Patro in Viber as Public Account
Find Hamro Patro in Viber as Public Account

You can subscribe to Hamro Patro Public Account in Viber by simply visiting HERE. Once you are subscribed,  you can message to Hamro Patro public account by asking updates on latest news, time and dates, load shedding schedule, horoscope, weather, FOREX and many more.  Most Interesting thing is, there won’t be any human beings who will be replying your messages. There will be a dedicated Bot or automated Chatbot, who will assist you to answer your queries. You may also choose to drop any feedback or suggestions for Hamro Patro team. It will also allow you to take part in public polls and surveys. Further, it also helps you to get the prompt answers to your queries just in a click. The automated chatbot service is one of the most exciting services that you could ever experience.

Note: You need to update Viber for Public Account features to work. Then, search Hamro Patro in public profile and follow the steps as described in above video. 

Release of Hamro ChatBot


Hamro Patro has also released its new service called ‘Hamro ChatBot’ that allows organizations and companies to reach their targeted audiences via Viber in the most convenient way. “Hamro ChatBot” is a Viber integrated programmed entity based on artificial intelligence that can actually work as a communication bridge between the organizations and their targeted audiences. It allows brands and companies to reach their subscriber by sending instant notifications, chat service, conducting public polls and surveys, share youtube videos and many more. Visit an official website HERE to create your own chatbot and get all the related information.

Talking with BlogorTech about Hamro ChatBot, Mr. Shanker Uprety, Founder & CEO at Hamro Patro, “ChatBot are next big trends in today’s tech world. Hence, to enable an effective way for brand to engage with it’s users/customers. We have released Hamro Chatbot. It is a platform for progressive brands, that can build their own bot without any coding.”

He adds, “There is a whole new category called “Conversational Commerce”. It is like; you discuss about the specific product like; size, price, quality and so on before buying any product from any e-commerce platform. For that, we can implement an automated chatbot, where they will be engaging directly with the customers in a similar way as how we discuss with real owners. Normally, Bot are programmed to identify your each users and are good at answering the repetitive answers with facts where human don’t have to engaged. For instance: If you want to know when your order is being delivered- you can ask the bot saying “When will my order be shipped?” Bot will be replying like; “Hey, it’s actually on the way.” This kind of conversation can be expect from the chatbot. We will be updating Hamro ChatBot platform with Artificial Intelligence (AI) components in coming days and moving closer to reality.”

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Hamro ChatBot Features at Glance
  • Send Push Messages
  • Viber Voting
  • Conduct Survey
  • News Delivery
  • YouTube Integration
  • Live Chat

To sum-up, Hamro ChatBot, is an innovative Viber based artificial intelligence platform in Nepal for the first time of its kind, this tech innovation enables corporates or multinational companies, non-governmental organizations, welfare campaigners and even government itself to disseminate messages into targeted citizens, potential customers, clients and also to receive messages. Viber is a globally famous default product in almost every smart devices. It is a platform which is not just limited in Nepali users but this tech window will also help your brand to grow in global market, especially to penetrate diaspora communities.

If you are thinking about growing your brand with AI enabled ChatBot. Then, Hamro ChatBot is must try platform. For more info about pricing and others: CLICK HERE