Hamro Patro Launched “Community” Feature To Buy or Sell Items Online

hamro patro community

Hamro Patro, one popular and common app that is found in every Nepalese smartphone has launched the “Community” feature in its recent update. Hamro Patro Communities is an invite-only private community where you can list your items to sell or buy with fellow Hamro Patro members.

On a daily basis, Hamro Patro serves more than 1 million users and on average, monthly 5 million users are engaging. With this Hamro Patro community feature, you can take full advantage by listing your sell items or buy the listed items which will be cost-effective, convenient and quick.

Mr. Shankar Uprety, Founder & CEO at Hamro Patro said, “With our community feature, we want to connect more Nepali together based on their location and interest. We have started with an invite-only community that facilitates trading among users. In the near future, we will help build and manage the community in diaspora.”

How to Join the Hamro Patro Community?

You are welcome to join the community Hamro Market: Kathmandu Edition where more than 4000 members have already joined.

Upon clicking the link, you now have an option to log in with google or facebook account. Among other listed communities in Hamro Patro, you can choose the Hamro Market – Kathmandu Edition and start selling or buying the items online.

If you are a seller who has an item to sell, then you can post your personal items that fall in the following categories.

  1. Real estate
  2. Bikes
  3. Cars
  4. Mobile Phone and accessories.

Buyers can engage in the community by commenting on the respective posts and buy the items without interacting with the middle-men. But, you are advised to take caution while contacting the sellers.