7 New Exciting Features That You Should Check In Hamro Patro App Now [Mega Update]


Hamro Patro, an ultimate app for keeping updated with Nepali calendar, festivals, FOREX, radio, news and lots more. This popular app has been downloaded more than 5 Million times in Google Play Store.

In its recent updates, Hamro Patro launched 7 new exciting features that you should check them now.

Without much further ado, let’s get started.


Now, Hamro Patro supports five languages in total. Nepal Bhasa, Maithali, Bhojpuri are the recently added languages.

How to Change Language in Hamro Patro?

To change the languages, go to settings by swiping left navigation drawer and head over language settings. Choose the languages that you want to see.


This is the favorite one which changes the entire look of Hamro Patro app. With this theme feature, you will now have an option to switch – Day theme, Night theme, and Automatic theme.

Day theme looks light and bright. Whereas Night theme looks dark which saves your battery and text are easier to read. Personally, I would prefer dark theme as my daily driver.

Automatic theme is quite smart way to change the look. It will automatically change the theme based on the time – during day theme changes to light and in the night time, it changes to dark theme.

How to Change the Theme in Hamro Patro app?

Changing the theme is very easy. As soon as you open the app, tap on the selected part like in the above screenshot. It will now have an option to choose Day Theme, Night Theme and lastly Automatic Theme.

3. Notification History

In daily, we get so many push notifications regarding breaking news and all in Hamro Patro app. But, due to time and work, we can’t read them and miss those exclusive news. With this Mega update, now app users can see and read that missed news in notification history.

Where can I find the News Notification history?

You can find the news notification history features by swiping left navigation drawer and tap on the bell icon for checking missed push notifications.

4. Smart Way to Watch Videos

In this new update, there is separate section named Videos. You can watch different videos based on the category such as News, Reality Shows, Technology, Sports and Entertainment.

Why to watch videos in Hamro Patro?

Hamro patro’s official blog explained that the video section filters the spam free or unwanted videos and shows you only informative videos from YouTube which at the end saves your time searching for new videos.

5. Add Notes

Note taking features was most demanded feedback from its users to the Hamro Patro team. This time with Mega update, Hamro Patro launched Notes feature. Now, you can easily save task, events, meeting, birthday, bill payment date, and others as a reminder.

How to add notes in Hamro Patro app?

To add or view notes, first, you need login in Hamro Patro app. You can sign in with Facebook, Gmail and Twitter account. For that, tap on hamburger button or swipe left and tap on the profile image. Lastly, tap on the specified dates that you want to add the notes (not more than 500 characters) and save.

You can also edit the notes background using available colors. Not only that, you can sync the notes from Desktop app to mobile app and vice versa.

6. Search News & Check Trending Topics

Back in 2016, Hamro Patro introduced a news mining engine, powered by Machine Learning algorithms and shows similar news to the one that you were reading.

With this mega update, Hamro Patro team didn’t just stick with the similar news. Now, you can also simply search the news and check the trending news at one place.

How to Search news and check trending topics in Hamro Patro app?

Searching a news in Hamro Patro app is now a piece of cake. As soon as you open the app, tap on latest news section which takes you to the list of news.

At the top of the app, you can find the search button. By tapping this, it then asks you to search the news that you want to read and also check some trending topics. Isn’t that easy?

7. News Personlization

Based on your personal interests, now you can choose the favorite news sources from more than 40 popular news sources. With this feature, you can personalize the news reading experience.

How to choose the news sources for personalization?

Go to the news section, you will then find 4 option at the bottom to choose from – Latest news, For you, My favorites and Newspapers. Tap on ‘For You’ option to choose the news sources based on your choice and interest for personlization.

Hamro Patro Mega update is till now the biggest in terms of its features under the 7 Days 7 Features.

If you have any feedback and suggestion regarding the above features then you can leave the message in comment box down below. We will forward it to Hamro Patro developer team immediately.

Download or Update the Hamro Patro App to check 7 new features now!