Hamro Nepali Keyboard App Updates with Emojis, Stickers and Themes

hamro nepali keyboard app

Hamro Nepali Keyboard app, is the popular Nepali typing keyboard, which lets you directly type Nepali text in any mobile applications.

With this new updates, Hamro Nepali keyboard app comes with lots of features that you don’t want to miss.

What’re the new features in Hamro Nepali Keyboard app?

1. Stickers

Make your conversation fun and exciting with brand new Nepali character stickers, which can be used in any application, such as Messenger, Brother, WhatsApp, Skype, Telegram, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc, will give a new experience.

There are total eight characters available in stickers including the famous Nepali fictional characters – Maicha Wo Baucha, Hamro Sathi, Nepali Para, New Year, Hamro Kancha, Hamro Kanchi, Sangi, and Nakkali.

You can use this amazing sticker by visiting Emoji section of Hamro Nepali Keyboard app.

2. Emojis

The word ‘Emjoi’, means a pictorial representation of feelings and emotions using a character.

Lots of colorful emojis are available to make your conversation mood-friendly.

3. Themes

This one is my favorite feature where you can select the design of keyboard from two options – Dark theme and Light theme.

You can change the theme by clicking on settings of Hamro Nepali Keyboard app.

Currently, Hamro Nepali Keyboard app supports three keyboard layouts – Unicode Transliteration, MPP based Romanized, and lastly traditional layout.

If you aren’t getting these above features in your Hamro Nepali keyboard app, then head over to Google Play Store and update it manually.

Let’s promote Nepali language and Nepali characters together.

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In the meantime, if you have any feedbacks or facing any issue then drop down your comments below. We will forward to the developers team.

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