Top 5 New Features in Hamro Nepali English Dictionary App

hamro nepali english dictionary app

In an official Hamro Nepali English Dictionary app launch event at Bricks Cafe on March 3. Hamro Nepali English Dictionary app was launched with lots of cool features. The app was launched with respected guests from different field namely; Mr. Sarad Chandra Wosti, Mr. Choodamani Sharma, Mr. Hari Bansha Acharya, Mr. Madan Krishna Shrestha, Mr. Kiran KC, and Mr. Pradeep Bhatarai.

Introduced in 2016, ‘Hamro Nepali English Dictionary’ App is now accompanied by 1 million users and thousands of users have been using it every day.

Brand New User Interface 

user interface dictionary

First and foremost, you will notice the changes is in User Interface. Compared to the previous user interface, now it looks clean and user-friendly. In terms of User Experience, you can find Search Option and Save words for the future view which saves user time a lot. This interface also presents simple and conversational Nepali sentences along with their pronunciation and meanings to make Nepali learning easier.

Offline Support

Now, it’s has been Nepal’s first offline application in Android, as Android users can also use it offline.

hamro nepali english dictionary features

Pictorial Representation and Audio Pronunciation 

Before Hamro Nepali English Dictionary, there was no any other alternate to see, learn and hear the pronunciation of Nepali and English words. For pictorial representation, internet connection is needed.

Advanced words

The first edition of Hamro English Nepali Dictionary was primarily targeted till grade 10 students with limited words, now it is upgraded with more words, user-friendly meanings and an expanded edge of uses. Now this dictionary can also address the quest for university level with its advanced words, definitions, pictures and correct pronunciations.

Different word games 

With the upgraded app, you can play different word games; Quiz and Flash Card to enhance knowledge.

These updated features were all possible in collaboration with Mr. Choodamani Sharma. With his immense contribution to Nepali linguistics and Grammar has equipped this mobile application with 30,000 plus Nepali words and their relevant English Meanings.

This Mobile application will also be a bridge to connect newer Nepali generations too with moral and authentic Nepali words and their meanings in a daily and conversational use.

Mr. Santosh Devkota, Managing Director, Smart Ideas Pvt. Ltd (Hamro Patro) said, “Nepali words and its simple English meanings will help relate & preserve Nepali language and increase its conversational uses in Nepali families within and beyond borders, for which we have collaborated with Mr. Choodamani Sharma.”

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At last, if you haven’t updated the Hamro Nepali English Dictionary App then its time to.

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