Kill Your Boredom By Playing This Classical and Popular Game Ludo: Hamro Ludo App

hamro ludo app download

Hamro Patro team has launched their first gaming app; Hamro Ludo. It is a classical and popular board game, which can be played by all age group of people. Normally, it is played by rolling the dice and moving the token assigned to each player. The special areas in the boards are colored Yellow, Green, Red and Blue. Each player is assigned four tokens of matching colors. The player race their tokens from start to finish according to the dice rolls. This game has been developed by Hamro Patro team for Android phone users for a great gaming experience.

“We are not into gaming development part yet. But, we have to start with some gaming app. So, we thought about developing the popular board game Ludo; which is only the start.” says Mr. Shankar Uprety, Founder & CEO at Hamro Patro. He adds, “While analysing the Hamro Patro user’s stats, age group from 24+ were our most engaging users. But, what about 16+ users?  Hence, to engage them, we came up with the gaming app. We just want to know how is the gaming market in Nepal. As I have told, Hamro Ludo is just the start. Recently, we have been working with Mr. Ragunath Dhungel, who is a very first person to make Bagchal game in Nepal  and we are planning to revamp that game with sophisticated Artificial Intelligence (AI) on it.” 

User Interface / User Experience (UI / UX):

Dice board has a clean and elegant design which grabs your attention instantly. But, in UX part, there are some space for improvement (feedback); Rolling dice looks traditional and dull which can be replaced with 3D modeling, Provide an option to set a player name rather than Rato, Pahelo, Nilo and Hariyo, Online Multiplayer features.


• Sound on/mute
• Works on phone and tablets on full resolution
• Low storage consumption
• Options to choose board/dice color
• Automatically saves the game when you exit it and you can begin session from where you stopped last time
• User friendly interface
• Rich Graphics
• Speed control option while moving the tokens


There are other similar kind of Ludo app which has got million reach in google play store. For Hamro Ludo, Hamro Patro team need to research on finding out an unique features that other ludo apps have not provided yet. Then only, team can grab the attention of both local and global gaming market scenario.

You can be the part of Hamro Ludo game by playing with friends and colleagues. And, later in the day, don’t forget to provide valuable feedback to Hamro Patro team. Cheers!

Download- Hamro Ludo from Google Play Store.